Monday, February 9, 2015

{party} ‘Pal’entine's Day in Orlando with Help from Shari's Berries

*Shari's Berries provided the treats featured in this post. All opinions are my own*

A few weeks ago, the folks over at Shari's Berries emailed to ask if I would be interested in hosting a Valentine's Day get together with my friends, aka 'Pal'entine's Day! Obviously, since I love desserts, I said yes. I figured the best time to have this little gathering was on my trip to Orlando with friends Kat, Kristen, Leah, Zack and Eric. Yes, we celebrated a little early, but who doesn't love chocolate any day of the year?! And the great thing about 'Pal'entine's Day is you can celebrate any time you want!

Often times, singles get depressed around Valentine's Day. I'm the opposite. I actually enjoy hanging around by myself watching movies and eating chocolate. BUT, I have to say, doing that with friends was just as good! We took over a little section of the Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, complete with red chairs (perfect for the occasion) and feasted on the delicious treats.

The love bugs and conversation heart pops were by far the most popular items with the chocolate covered strawberries and sea salt caramels following close behind! We saved our cheesecakes for another night, but those went like wildfire too! The only disappointment was with the shortbread cookies. While they were adorable, the taste didn't measure up to the rest of the treats, which felt like they were painstakingly created. We found them a little hard and bland. Overall the food is amazing and I would love to try all of Shari's Berries offerings!

Here's the best picture of the night, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by such lovely girls ;) (I may be biased.)

Our friend Eric was stuck in his hotel room while we were living it up, so we made sure to save some snacks for him. He really enjoyed the Love Bug Brownie Pop!

Come back tomorrow for the start of my vacation outfits!


  1. 1. "Be Mine"

    2. Eric's song <333

    Miss you all! :)

  2. Looks like you had such fun time celebrating 'pal'entines! Glad to hear most of the treats were fabulous and yummy!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. How fun! I actually know Shari, the founder, she is from Sacramento, although she is no longer the owner.

    The chocolate dipped strawberries are my favorite!


  4. OMG how fun and delicious! Sharis Berries are my favorite! These photos are so fun, what a great party!

    XO Chelsea

  5. Oh, what a fun, pretty and delicious party you had.

  6. How fun! I think those chocolate covered strawberries look so good! I can almost taste them...

  7. What a beautiful and delicious post here :))
    Very sweet!

    Lu |