Monday, October 30, 2023

{recap} Wardrobe Update - October 2023


I bought a few pieces this month thanks to a gift card from a friend. One was a necessity because my current pair of rain boots is flaking off at the top. I tried to buy a replacement last year but they're doing the same thing so I opted for a full rubber pair from Target that are similar in style to what I had. I also bought a new chunky sweater and some pants. The pants are a little longer on me than the model (short girl problems,) so I'm not sure how much I'll wear them, but they are comfortable and will be good when we're back in warm weather.

THE (modified) RULES

  1. Be mindful of purchases 
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best





  1. VERMONT Sweatshirt in light gray via the Weston Village Store ($20, retail $50) 
  2. Nicole Miller abstract floral print shorts ($4 via Marshalls, retail $30?)
  3. *NEW!*  Knox Rose Crewneck Pullover Sweater in Green Striped via Target ($23 after coupon, used gift card)
  4. *NEW!* Knox Rose Relaxed Fit Tapered Jogger Pants in Blue via Target ($21 after coupon, used gift card)

  1. C&C California Grey Shorts ($6 via Marshalls, retail $30?)



  1. *NEW!   A New Day Vicki Mid Calf Rubber Rain Boots in Matte Black via Target ($21.60 after coupon, used gift card)



  1. None yet


  1. Apple Watch 8 Midnight Aluminum Case with Elderberry Sport Band (gift from Christian)
  2. Aurate Pearl Lariat Necklace (won a gift card on Instagram)



  1. None yet


Gifted from Brands:

Spent in October: $0

Spent in 2023: $30

Spent in 2023 - counting ad money: $30


1 comment:

  1. Those sound like practical wardrobe additions! And hopefully you can get the pants hemmed to the perfect length so you wear them more often :)

    I ended up buying quite a lot in October, haha! I am still under budget as it was all preloved but still, added a lot to my wardrobe!