Thursday, February 29, 2024

{recap} Wardrobe Update - February 2024

Another month with no clothing purchases. These posts are getting a little boring, no? But I'm going to keep up with them because I think it's good to show that you don't always need to buy new clothes and can shop your own closet. We need to break the fast fashion cycle where people are buying new wardrobes every few months. For most of my later blogging years I have tried to go with the less is more approach and only add items that I know will last. Occasionally I will still buy a crazy piece I'm not sure of just to try it out, but I try to avoid that.

THE (modified) RULES

  1. Be mindful of purchases 
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best





  1. None

  1. None



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  1. None



  1. Colorfulkoala High Waisted Yoga Pants with Pockets in Deep Teal ($20, retail $30, used CC rewards)


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