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Wearing my second new purchase of June, these linen pants I bought the same day as my Splendid shorts. I liked these because they aren't as tight as most of my other pants so I can wear them on warmer days. I still have to get used to the pleats/bulkier waist area but overall I like them! Next time I'll wear them with a tighter fitting top, this Ralph Lauren sweater is a little too oversized for them I think. I actually found the sweater on eBay, a first for me since whenever I wear it on the blog I can't find it to share! And one is actually my size so I'm tempted to get it....but I'll stick with my 2 sizes too big one.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren (GoodWill), Pants: AG Jeans 'The Evan' pleated linen pant (Marshalls), Sandals: Lanvin studded suede 'City' sandal (Net-a-Porter Sale), Sunglasses: Gucci,

Welp, I had a bad month. I went to Marshall's with my mom intending to just buy a new set of dishes - which I did - and walked out with a new pair of pants and shorts. But I've been wanting more think pants for Summer and another pair of shorts to add to my rotation. Both are linen/tencel blends and super soft!

THE (modified) RULES

  1. Be mindful of purchases 
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best

  1. Autumn Cashmere Landscape Intarsia Cashmere Crew ($240, retail $440, used Christmas + ad money)
  2. Sandro burgundy double breasted blazer ($36 via Roundabout Resale, retail ~$500)
  3. Massimo Dutti white wool blazer ($19 via Roundabout Resale, retail $130-$250)
  4. Rag & Bone 'Jackie' purple leather trimmed wool jacket ($32 via Roundabout Resale, retail $495)
  5. eight sixty floral camisole dress ($7 via eBay, used ad money)
  1. J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck ($5, retail $30, used gift card)
  2. J.Crew Ribbed flare-sleeve turtleneck ($8, retail $45, used gift card)
  3. J.Crew Midrise skinny jean in velvet ($10, retail $80, used gift card)
  4. AG Jeans 'The Evan' pleated linen pant in Sulfur Harvest Olive - also here ($39 via Marshalls, $178 retail) 
  5. Splendid Arabesque Cargo Short in Antique Military Olive ($29.99 via Marshalls, $108 retail)
  1. Lanvin Studded Suede 'City' Sandals ($60 via The RealReal, $790 retail, used ad money) 
  2. Lanvin Studded Leather 'City' Sandals ($60 via The RealReal, $790 retail, used ad money) 
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Total spent in June: $68.99

Total spent in 2019: $155.5

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