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In light of COVID-19 its a bit hard to share outfits on the blog so I thought I would share some of my favorite things to cook!  I'm by no means a food blogger so these won't be full on professional recipes, but I hope they will still be helpful!

We only buy our meat on sale, so when we can get something for $1.99 a pound or less we pounce! This means we eat a lot of chicken, pork and sausages.

First up, I'll share one of our favorite easy meals: suasages and orzo!

Instead of just cooking the sausages whole and serving over rice I started to take them out of their casings and break them into pieces.  I like orzo because it cooks quick and you can flavor it with pretty much anything you like. To finish it off I usually use onions and peppers but sometimes we'll opt for roasted broccoli if we don't have the other items on hand.

I'll try to get Christian to take some in-progress photos next time we make this, but I wanted to get a blog post up since I haven't in a while so these will have to do! 

Sausage & Orzo with Peppers and Onions

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 25-30 minutes
Servings: 4+ depending on your appetite

  • 4 Italian Sausage Links (hot or sweet)
  • 1 cup Orzo
  • 1 Onion (any kind)
  • 3-4 Small Sweet Peppers (or more if you want)
  • optional: bouillon


  1. Cut up onion and peppers into small dices
  2. Remove sausage from casing and break up into smaller pieces, place into a bowl
  3. Pre-cook onions and peppers and place to the side
  4. Boil some water in a small pot and cook the orzo according to box (I add chicken flavored Better than Bouillon to the water to add a little extra flavor)
  5. Heat pan on medium high and cook sausages until browned and mostly cooked through, breaking them up a little more.
  6. Add onions and peppers and continue to cook on a lower heat
  7. Once orzo has cooked add it to the skillet and mix together

Optional: You can add any other seasoning you like. Occasionally I'll add minced garlic and some random herbs but I usually keep this super simple and don't add anything. There is already a lot of flavor in the sausages so I find it doesn't need much else.

Broccoli Option: Roast broccoli in 425 degree oven with olive oil, salt and pepper until browned  (we like ours REALLY dark)

    Here are some examples where I just chopped up sausages. This was how I started making this dish, then I realized you get more bang - or bites - for your buck by breaking up the sausages into smaller pieces.

    How to Freeze Peppers & Onions

    Before all this virus stuff got really crazy Christian and I bought a little more than our usual amount of onions and sweet peppers. Normally I just buy what we need for a week or two so they don't go bad.  Since we got our extra freezer I decided to start freezing them so we would have them ready at the drop of a hat and would last longer.

    The process is pretty simple:

    1. Cut onions and peppers to your desired shapes (I did small chunks as well as thin slices)
    2. Place on a cookie tray and flash freeze for about an hour until fully frozen
    3. Move into plastic bags or reusable containers - I used old Talenti ice cream jars that we cleaned since they're plastic and have a nice twist on cover.
    4. Mark the storage container with the date you froze them on

    Since Christian and I didn't get out to take photos this weekend I thought I'd bring back my How I Wore It series. We're headed into Spring so I'm focusing on florals and bright colors.

    Hopefully we'll go for a walk this weekend so I can take some outfit pictures for next week. I'm not a huge fan of taking pictures in front of our house (don't want the neighbors to think I'm a weirdo) so not sure I'll want to take them at home. But we'll see how desperate I become!

    I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible during all this Coronavirus craziness. Christian has been on high alert since January so luckily we were stocked up on food before the national freakout the past couple weeks.  At this point all anyone can do is stay away from people as much as possible. Luckily I already work from home so I will be trying not to leave the house, except perhaps for walks, for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately Christian still has to go to the office, even though they have the ability to work from home. Hopefully his boss allows that soon.

    Jason Wu x Target floral dress
    This dress has been my default Easter dress since I bought it in 2012. It's the perfect shape and I love the graphic floral.
    April Showers Bring May Flowers
    The Setting Sun
    The Easter Dress
    The Easter Dress 2 (Ignore the orange legs, the camera didn't like my tights!)
    Sunny Summer Days
    Bloggers Day Out
    Easter Outfits

    Valentino Jacket
    I don't wear this jacket very much and I never really "loved" it. It was my buy in The Outnet's second birthday sale in 2011 where everything was $2. You were only able to buy one item and my first few choices sold before I could grab them. This looked great on the model so I decided to give it a try. Sadly it just wasn't very me. But I can never get rid of it because of the amazing deal.

    Yellow & Rose
    Easter Outfits
    This Week in Fashion (4/20/2012)
    This Week in Fashion (2/24/2012)
    Yellow & Rose
    This Week in Fashion (5/13/2011)
    Equipment 'Sophie' pink leopard print blouse
    I don't like pink, but I love this blouse! I bought it at an Equipment and Current/Elliott Sample sale in 2013. I thought I would wear it less than the purple blouse I bought - turns out I Was wrong. I wore the purple one a few times but it was too thick and I preferred the thinner fabric of this leopard print blouse.
    Happy Windsday
    How to Wear High Waisted Jeans
    The Year Round Blouse
    Burgundy Leather Pants
    Opposites Attact
    Thanksgiving 2
    Late Summer Layers
    70s Flares
    The Long Run
    Be Our Guest
    Jones New York Pink Blazer
    Like I said above, I'm not a huge pink fan. But for some reason this light pink blazer spoke to me back in 2010. I bought it in anticipation of needing more professional pieces for work since I had just graduated college. I've gotten quite a bit of wear out of it and still enjoy it.
    The Painted Dress
    This Week in Fashion (3/16/2012)
    This Week in Fashion (5/4/2012)
    This Week in Fashion (5/25/2012)
    A Taste of Honey
    The Burberry Ruched Dress
    Down on State Street
    Lauren Ralph Lauren Striped Midi Sweater Dress

    I've always enjoyed sweater dresses but was never able to find many that stood the test of time. Most I got bored of within a year. This one, on the other hand, has been a Summer staple since

    Hot Summer Days
    The Final Evening

    Made in the USA

    This Week in Fashion (1/17/2014)

    This Week in Fashion (8/16/2013)

    This Week in Fashion (6/7/2013)
    Vacation Photos
    This Week in Fashion (5/18/2012)

    This Week in Fashion (4/20/2012)
    Zara Floral Top
    Another piece that isn't generally "me." I'm normally afraid of wearing white but this blouse was super pretty so I gave it a shot! I had to buy a cream camisole to wear under it since it's super sheer but I always enjoy breaking it out in Spring and Summer.
    It's The Place2Be
    Museum Day
    A Stroll in the Park
    Clinton Crossing Spring Preview
    Carolina In My Mind
    Floral in Spring
    Tough Florals
    Busy Being Fabulous
    This Week in Fashion (7/19/2013)

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