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My friend Mary, whom I had the pleasure of meeting last September at LuckyFABB, tagged me in a Five Things post. So I have to share 5 facts (interesting or not) about myself.  It was hard coming up with a list, but here we go!
One: I did gymnastics for 13 years and miss it every day. When I started, at the ripe old age of 5, I HATED it and cried when my mom made me go. But as I got older I grew to love it. I competed until I graduated high school. Fun fact: I hold the school record for a front handspring vault: 8.55 out of 8.6...however the judge told me I should have gotten an 8.6, but she couldn't give it to me. HOW ANNOYING! So basically, I got a perfect 10.
Two: I am obsessed with movies (evidence.) What's weirder is that I can quote my favorite movies WITH sound effects AND soundtrack while watching (or not watching.) If I turn on a movie I've seen a few times (or Gilmore Girls) I can say the next line right away. My brothers, sister & I (along with some cousins) constantly quote parts of movies, our favorites being Willy Wonka and The Princess Bride.  I even use movie quotes in regular conversations & anyone who can tell what movie they're from gets brownie points. I quote way too often, ask anyone. I even did it on the blog once.
Texting Indiana Jones quotes with my cousin
Three: I am a super picky eater.  Example: I hate cheese, it's gross. I eat junk: chips, chocolate, bread, anything they tell you not to eat on a diet. Needless to say I have never, and will never go on one. I do love random things like shrimp scampi and rice & beans. Rice & beans is Jamaican, which is another fact: I have a teeny bit of Jamaican in my family history, and am half French Canadian.
Example: The stuff on the left is inedible. Ew. (this photo was taken in London last March)
Four: If I were a character from The Big Bang Theory I'd be a mix of Sheldon, Raj, Penny & Leonard. Raj: I can't talk to boys, though it isn't as bad as selective mute-ism. Sheldon: I am awkward in social settings, but not to his extent. Leonard: I am pretty normal, but still geeky. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter (my fan site) for goodness sake!  And obviously Penny because I'm a girl and dress cute. Fortunately, I'm not gross like Howard, ha ha.
Five: When I was younger I wanted to go to school for film making. I was given a camera for my 14th birthday and made rather embarrassing movies with my family.  Here's a peek at one of them, in which I played an alien from Uranus (I had a balloon for a behind,) and the head of a superhero group.  Clever, right? (and how 'bout that old computer!)
My brother and I "acting"; we're super heros
Now I tag: Lydia, Christine, Jamie-Lee, Courtney and Jessica. Have fun if you choose to participate!

And as a bonus, here are some blooper shots from various blogger meetups, all photos by Lydia. :) As you can see, I don't take myself seriously at all. I'm a psycho. (that's a movie quote...anyone know what from?!)
(it's from The Grinch with Jim Carey)

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