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I've been a huge Anne Hathaway fan ever since her days in The Princess Diaries.  She has grown up to be a major fashion icon with great red carpet and street style!  Here are SOME of my favorite looks from Anne attending various events...for some reason I had a hard time finding photos of her now that I need them, ha ha.

Also, I finally found out how to make lightbox work with blogger, so now when you click on images they will come up in a box over the main page (not a new window) so you never have to leave the page, try clicking on one of the images to see! (it will only work from this post on, unless I get really bored and go back through all my old posts to activate it)
Photos from AnneHathawayFan & and google!

Oddly enough, you know that Marc Jacobs dress I have and never take off (haha..well that's a lie, but I wear it every week pretty much)? She has it too!  I found out after i got the dress that she had it when I was trying to find out what the retail price was.

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