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Today I thought I would share with you some of my current lusts.  Many of these pieces are way out of my price range, and some I would never be able to wear, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over them.  I am TOTALLY in love with the black, high-waisted Balmain is perfection. What are your current lusts?

It's funny looking at how diverse all of these pieces are. But that's true to my style, I'm a little bit of everything. Girly, edgy, quirky, serious, fun, etc. What I wear really depends on what mood I'm in or what I'm doing, I always love to switch things up.  I hate when people think you have to stick to a certain style, that's not what fashion is about. I think fashion is about playing, taking risks and wearing what you want no matter what other people may think. I may be a super shy person who doesn't talk much, but I feel like when I get dressed it is how I express myself.

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I am SO in love with the prints in the Balmain Resort 2012 collection.  They are usually known for doing more destroyed pieces but I am glad they went away from that for this collection. You all know by now that I have a huge thing for blazers, I would wear every single one of the blazers featured below! And all the other pieces too ;) If only they weren't UBER-expensive, ha ha.
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Balmain always make AWESOME blazers, love love love them! They do grunge sooo well, everything is perfect! Here are some of my favorite looks from their Spring 2011 collection.

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