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Everyone is always so shocked to find I buy almost all of my clothes on sale for ridiculously cheap prices.  It really isn't too hard to do, so here are some tips for you girls!  First a lesson from The Nanny, Fran, NEVER pay retail because you can always find it or something really similar cheaper (sometimes there are exceptions to the rule).  And now for some quick tips that I have learned for myself and from my mother. She is the best bargain shopper I know besides me.

eBay - USE eBay!! It is where I get most of my designer stuff for dirt cheap. The only problem is you need to really watch out for fakes.  Check out this post for tips on buying on ebay: Bangin' Bargains: eBay Tips!

TJ Maxx/Marshalls - TJ Maxx, Marshalls and similar stores are great places to find affordable designer fashions!  I always head right to the clearance sections first to check out what they have and then I move on to the other sections.  In these stores you are going to have to search, but you can find some great gems.
Examples from my purchases: DKNY cozy for $20, Theory dress for $29, and tons more!

GoodWill - GoodWill is another great place to find designer clothes for cheap.  Once again you will have to do a lot of digging but you can find great deals such as: BCBG blazer for $12 or a quilted purse and Ralph Lauren sweater for $14! You may have to dig through a lot of junk but there are gems within the dirt.

COUPONS! - Another big money saver is a coupon, duh! If you are shopping online make sure to check sites like retailmenot or just search google for "bluefly coupon codes" or whatever store you are shopping at. You can also search for printable coupon codes as well! A lot of stores have one or two coupon codes floating around at any given time, so you should be able to find one.

Clearance Section - The first thing I do when I go to any store (in person or online) is head straight for the clearance section since I know I will not want to pay full price for something even if its awesome (because eventually it will end up in clearance too).  If you don't find anything in clearance, then by all means head over to the non-sale stuff, but always check clearance first because you never know what you'll find!

I guess that's enough tips and me rambling for now.

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I was going to post a Requested Dress for Less today but decided to post my new Marc Jacobs dress since it came on Friday!  Yay for only paying $28!!! :D I'm not sure what to do about it's longer than I thought it would be, looked shorter on the model...but that's because she is tall.  There are two ways to wear it...with the tie all the way down, or pulled up a bit so the dress is a little shorter.  I took a few quick photos before I left to go to my friends house.

I COULD have my mom take off the bottom tier and it would be perfect (she's an awesome sewer, used to make my clothes when I was little)...but I'm not sure :/   I think it is an odd length, if it was a bit longer it would be fine...What do you think? 

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Yesterday I was a bad girl and I spent $29! My mom asked if I wanted to take a ride to Home Goods with her, and I like any excuse to shop.  While we were there I decided I needed a cute chair and desk for my computer since now I use a TV Dinner Tray and an old icky chair :p  So I'm on the hunt for to the meaning of this post: After Home Goods we decided to take a trip to Marshall's.

I found a ton of cute dresses on clearance & bought this gorgeous dress by Theory!  It retails for $295 & I paid $29, HELLO BARGAIN!  I almost didn't get it, but then I figured if I could just put it on eBay if I changed my mind. Now that I have it home I can't bear to sell it, its adorable! Its a little dressy for where I work, but I'll still wear it a LOT anyway (who cares if they think I'm crazy?)! (there is one on eBay if you're interested, otherwise it isn't available anymore).
Dress: Theory from Marshall's $29
Tights: ? $?
Wedges: Simply Vera $16

Also, I have sadly decided to sell this Max Studio dress I got at the beginning of the summer. I have yet to wear it so I figure that is a bad sign, I like it but it just doesn't fit with my style anymore, haha.  It's brand new with tags and a size Small so make an offer if you are interested, it retails for $98! After a few days I'm going to put it on eBay. Click to make it LOTS bigger.

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This is going to be a pretty big post since I'm mixing a bunch of things together. First, ASOS wanted me to let all of my American readers know that for the month of August they are having Free Shipping and Returns on ALL orders! How awesome is that?! So head over to and get some awesome stuff!

I allowed myself to break my spending freeze while my cousin's visited from Ohio.  We went to Good Will on Tuesday night, there wasn't much in my size but I did find a size 2 BCBG Max Azria blazer for $11.99! My sister says the color looks like Willy Wonka...but I don't care, haha.  I also found a top thing for $2.50, I wasn't able to try that on since they don't have changing rooms, so I just got it.  In the end it doesn't fit totally right so my mom is going to have to fix it by taking off the belt thing or turning it into a skirt.
Wednesday we went to DSW & TJ Maxx. At DSW I almost got a pair of Madden Girl heels for $25, but I figured they would hurt my feet. I also tried on some AWESOME wedge booties but they were too expensive and now I can't remember the brand to find them cheaper online. :/ At TJ Maxx I tried on a gorgeous Michale Kors short sleeve blazer, but it was too big.  I ended up getting a black and a camel t-shirt for $8 (& then donated $1 to charity). So a boring purchase there.  I also put a picture (source) of what the wedges were sorta like, but the wedge was a velvet material and the back had a zipper...if anyone magically knows the brand name without even seeing the shoes, I will love you forever :p
And now here are some photos of things I wore this week, its not everything since I was a bit lazy since my cousins were here, some items are repeated so I just listed the items.

Floral Crop Top: Mudd gifted ($7)
Cardigan: Urban Behavior gifted
Jeans: American Eagle $15

Black Tank: American Eagle $4
Ripped Jeans: American Eagle $15
Black Wedges: Simple Vera $15

Dress: Marc Jacobs ebay $36 
Brown Booties: No. 704b. $19

Blue Tank: Forever 21 $2.50
White Sweater: Hollister gifted
Purple Flats: vanEli gifted

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On Saturday my Moschino Cheap and Chic jacket arrived in the mail! But I didn't get to open it and try it on until 11pm!  I had to babysit at 4 and the mail was really late so it hadn't come yet.  So when I came home I RAN upstairs and found the package, opened nice and slow and pulled out the GORGEOUS navy blue jacket.  I tried it on nervously, and it fit me PERFECT, I fell totally in love!  Here are some photos (not very good, I did them fast):
The listing said it was a lot darker than the photos, which showed the jacket as purple, so I wasn't sure what to expect with the color, but it is great!  Sadly it is a lot heavier than I thought so I won't be able to wear it until the Fall, but when I can it will get a LOT of use!  So a lot of bang for my buck at only $32.32, as opposed to over $1000 normally!

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A lot of you have been asking how I get such good deals on eBay (ex. my Marc Jacobs Jacket (hasn't been featured on the blog yet), Marc Jacobs Dress, Moschino Jacket, Sass & Bide Jeans, etc.) so I figured I would give some tips on what I do. They are mostly do's, but I posted a few don'ts.
DON'T bid right when you find something if it has more than one day left, this will only drive up the price earlier.

DO wait until the last few minutes to bid. Most people frown upon this, but it's the best way to get a good deal.  But, then again, this can backfire on you if you wait until the last minute and someone has a high maximum bid and you can't bid fast enough to get over it.

DO make an offer if the seller has a Buy It Now or Best Offer option. It's better to have your offer rejected than to pay their price when they might have accepted less. (Once I listed an item for $90 and sold it to someone who offered $60)

DO set a maximum price for yourself and try not to go above it.  I always make my maximum a few dollars less than I want to spend because I always end up getting too into bidding and go more than I planned on. The adrenaline will always get you, "ONE MORE BID, THEN I'LL STOP" is something I always say to myself.

DO ask the seller a question. If you are unsure of sizing or anything find out more so you don't have to return the item, especially since a lot of sellers don't allow returns.

DO search by categories so you can weed out items you don't want. (ex. blazers and jackets, shoes, etc.)

DO search by your size when possible, this eliminates the possibility of seeing an item you love and being depressed when it isn't your size.

DO search by lowest price first.  This makes it easier to keep with your budget because you can stop looking when it gets to a certain price.

DON'T buy something just because its a good deal. Make sure you will wear it first and have other things to wear it with.

DO watch out for fakes! Sometimes even though it looks real, it's fake!  Sometimes they change one word of the brand name and you might read it fast and think its real.  Or in really small letters they say "Inspired by"

Also, my cousins are visiting until Thursday, so I have prepared posts but I might switch them out and write new ones if I have time. I'll still be keeping up with comments at night, so don't worry ;) I'll definitely post if I get something on our shopping excursion!

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First, I was a bad girl, yet again *changes timer from 5 days to 0*, & got something on eBay. I found a navy blue (darker than the photos, though I'd prefer the color in the photos), Moschino Cheap & Chic blazer for $32.32 (that's with shipping). I'm guessing it retails for over $1000 (anyone know?), so pretty awesome deal.  I should give up on my spending freeze, especially since I'm having a shopping day next week when my cousins visit from Ohio (Good Will, DSW, Mashalls...)
In other news...another favorite site of mine, Gilt is having two awesome sales, first T by Alexander Wang which started last night at 9pm. Head over here to join Gilt and check out the sale!  Here are some of the pieces I would have liked to purchase, I had to resist though...*sigh*: ($59, $49 and $45 respectively)
The JEFFREY CAMPBELL sale today at 12pm EST!  Check out the sale! (let me know if you buy something!)  I won't be able to buy anything but I will still drool over the shoes and great prices they will have!  Here are some of my favorite Jeffrey shoes (these may or may not be in the sale, they don't have a preview):
LASTLY, you will notice the fun graphic on the right side of the blog.  This is part of Coach's Poppy Project!  All you have to do is retweet this to help it grow:
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You can also win prizes by looking for Poppy surprises in the pattern. If you spot a Coach Poppy bag, click on the bag for a special gift.

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Top: American Eagle - $3.90
Shorts: Union Bay - $5
Flip Flops: Old Navy - $2.50
Bag: Mossimo Supply Co. - $17
I was a bad girl & broke my spending freeze, AGAIN. So my counter goes from 7.5 days to 0, haha.   The good part is that I spent $24 on 2 pairs of shoes & a top!  First, here's my outfit, I wore my new American Eagle top too!

Now to the shopping! My mom and I went to Kohl's this morning.  I tried on a few things, but the crop top I got was the only thing that looked good (it doesn't look as good in the picture).  I also found some really nice Simply Vera: Vera Wang wedge sandals but they only had a size 7 and 10, so I was pretty depressed.  When we got home my mom called one of the other Kohl's near us and they had ONE left and it was my size!  So we went there with my brothers and I tried them on: PERFECTION!  They will also work well in winter with tights, so a great bargain for an a year round shoe!

I also found some really cute Chaps flats that will replace my old black flats that are gross.  The only thing I'm not sure of with those is the gold logo bead thing on them, my mom says we can get it off but I don't know if should just leave it.

We went to DSW too and they had some pretty awesome shoes as usual, but all too expensive.  I always seem to gravitate toward No. 704b. shoes because those were the ones I liked best, and they were all over $100, but then they were 40, 50 and 60 percent off, but still too much :/

See prices, links to the items & photos below!

Flats: Chaps
Original: $49.99
Clearance: $9.99
I Paid: $8.49
Wedges: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Original: $69.99
Sale: $19.99
I Paid: $15.99
Top: Mudd
Original: $20
Sale: $7.99
Mom Paid: $6.79
I Paid: $0
Original: $138.98
I Paid: $24
Saved: $115.98
I was a very bad girl and broke my spending freeze my timer in the sidebar is going from 20 days, 23 hours and 56 minutes back to 0. BUT I had good reason.

American Eagle is offering FREE SHIPPING until the 26th. Their clearance is also an ADDITIONAL 30% OFF...AND I found a coupon code for an EXTRA 20% OFF THAT!  So I got a black tank top, normally $15.50 for...
$3.90...that's 75% off!
So if you, like me, like getting an extra 50% off of clearance items and free shipping, head over to American Eagle! The coupon code for the extra 20% off is 32944527.

I'm so ashamed of myself for spending money, but I've been wanting this tank top for a while because it's nice and basic. Hopefully it fits, its supposed to be loose so it should be okay o.O
The other day I got a letter in the mail from Elle Magazine that was so tempting I had to take it. Normally I don't buy magazine subscriptions because they are so expensive (I get free subscriptions with Coke Rewards Points.) BUT this was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up!
26 Issues for NINE DOLLARS!!!!
Normally it is about $10 for 12 Issues (1 year) or $16 for 24 Issues (2 Years) so this is an AWESOME deal!!  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to share this...but whatever: Go here to subscribe!

I haven't subscribed to Elle in a while so I'm really excited! Now I'm subscribed to Vogue, Teen Vogue, Harper's Bazaar & Elle!
I found a pretty fun bargain today, but sadly I'm still too much of a cheapo to actually do it. So this store, BagsOK, is having a promotion for 1 FREE bag per person until the 20th of May. The catch is you have to pay for shipping, which is where my cheapness came in, even though its only about $9.99 (it said $12.90 for where I live.) Here are the choices, some have additional colors. (I love the 1st one, might break down & get it)
I'm not sure how the quality is, but at this price does it matter? If you get one post which one you get!
I was going to post about reorganizing my closet today, but now I have something better so that will be posted tomorrow! Today my mom & I went shopping & I wasn't expecting to get anything, but I ended up spending $60; they were super awesome deals (I'm a great bargain shopper)!  
Thanks to my little brother, he's 13, for taking the photos of me ;)
First we went to DSW & there were tons of shoes I liked.  Then, in the clearance section, I came upon the brown No.704b. booties & fell in love. The best part is they were 80% off & I had a 20% off coupon!
Price breakdown
Normal: $240.00 | DSW Price: $119.94 | Sale (80% off): $23.99 | Coupon (20% off): $19.19
Savings:  $220.81

Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory & I found this gorgeous Jones New York Jacket! It'll look great with anything!  I'm still not sure if I want to keep it because of the price, so: KEEP OR RETURN?
Price breakdown
Normal: $280.00 | Burlington Price: $79.99 | Sale: $39.99| Savings: $240.01 (approx. 86%)

Total Spent: $59.18
Total Savings: $460.82 (approx. 89%)
So I pretty much traded my Karl Lagerfeld jeans and Zac Posen top for these, not a bad trade ;) But now I can't buy anything for a while, unless I get lots of money for graduation.

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