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Today was VERY interesting. As I posted earlier my dad & I went car hunting, we drove to a bunch of dealerships & found nothing.  We also looked at the cars I posted.  The Ford Focus & Hyundai Accent were total busts. The Mustang was okay, but it wasn't worth what they wanted.

BUT...the Cobalt was PERFECT, I loved everything except for the price. After talking, Dad & I decided to buy it. I wasn't expecting to buy a car today but that dealership sells cars WAY below Blue Book value so if we waited someone else would have scooped it up.

After everything it is going to cost around $8,400 & as of right now I only have $5,500. My parents are paying for the rest & I'm paying them back when I can. This means that all the money I've made this summer will be GONE. By the end of this month I should have enough to pay off the car and then start building up my money again. No idea how I'll pay for gas though, unless I pay my parents back slower.

They are just going to clean it up, do some safety checks and fix up everything and I'll be getting it sometime next week! 
Sadly, this means no buying ANYTHING for at least a few months. So I can't work on my wardrobe. At least it will force me to find new ways to wear what I already own. I might sell a few of my Potter items on eBay, but I can't bear to part with them. Maybe some of the clothes I don't wear too. I should start a donation drive ;) (just kidding...ha ha)

Sorry for the long post, but I needed to get all that out ;)
(Accidentally posted this last night instead of scheduling for today, ha ha. So I deleted it and reposted, 2 people commented and their comments are now gone, so that's why if your comment is missing)
Here's a non-fashion post for this morning.  I might do another fashion related post later. :)  Anyway, today my dad is taking me to look at a few cars we found online!  This will be my first car ever, so I am of course being very picky, but I also don't want to spend alot.  My limit was $7,000 and if I spend that much I will be in the negative with money, which will be bad for my closet ;) My dad is a good negotiator so we should be able to get these prices a bit lower.   Here are the cars we are going to look at:

2005 Chevrolet Cobalt $6,995 | 48,200 miles
2005 Hyundai Accent $4,995 | 55,300 miles
2006 Ford Focus $5,995 | 86,200 miles
2003 Ford Mustang $6,994 | 97,511 miles
Which is your favorite? Overall I think I like the Focus best. If the Mustang was a different color that would be my top choice. But everyone else loves the yellow.  My brother votes for the Cobalt because it has the least mileage, ha ha.

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