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Showing posts with label Christian Louboutin. Show all posts
Here's the second edition of Perfect Basics! Today I'm going with a "classic" (*see below) item that many women lust over: The Black Christian Louboutin pump! There are many different styles of these so whenever I save up all the money for these babies I'll have to go to a store and try them all on to see what looks best. But just looking online I have fallen in love with these Leather Platform Pumps, they are just PERFECT! The price on the other hand, at $795, is not so perfect. *sigh*
I'm not sure I'm quite ready to drop this much money on a pair of shoes yet, but they will last a long time and they are timeless so I can wear them until I am an old woman (except they are a bit tall so I'm not sure about that...I could get the non-platform version though). These are definitely going to have to be on a MAJOR sale before I buy them, but a girl can dream.

But on the other hand, I could settle for these gorgeous Miu Mius that are $200 less,  but in this case I think I may want to spend the extra for the Louies.  I can get something else Miu Miu ;)

*UPDATE: I should note that when I do these perfect basics posts they are more specified towards me and what I tend to wear. Your basics may be totally different than mine, and that's what is so great about fashion! :D P.S. Check out this article on "Classics" That Emily sent me ;)

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