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Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection - Lip Gloss and Blush

Anyone else like me grow up watching Sailor Moon before waiting for the school bus? It was a daily tradition for my sister and I. Ahh, memories! I still have bootleg versions of the series I bought while in college but have since upgraded to the newer released Blu-Rays. Never getting rid of the original ones though, I love the old voices! (And yes, I still call Usagi  her American name, Serena, I like it better!) Same thing for Darien, ha ha.

As I'm sure most of you know, I'm not a HUGE makeup person. I'm usually too lazy to put much effort into my look. But when I do want to wear makeup I go big with Chanel (what can I say, if I'm going to wear it, I might as well love it!)  I have a few other random brands here and there but that's the bulk of my makeup. 

Last year, Colourpop came out with a Disney collection that included one of my favorite characters, Meg! I bought her bundle knowing I most likely wouldn't use it (bright purple eye shadow isn't really my thing.) I did try the lip gloss and really liked the formula - which is big for me because Chanel lipstick is one of the few with a texture I like.

Earlier this year they released a Sailor Moon makeup collection. I resisted buying it the first time around because I had been having some slow work months and didn't need them. When they sold out within 30 minutes I found myself regretting my decision. Luckily for me, they did a re-release in June! I had wanted to splurge on the whole set for  $89 but that sold out in seconds so I settled for just the lip glosses and a blush to get a variety of packaging. Once again I purchased knowing I wouldn't use them often, they're more of a collectors piece because I love Sailor Moon.

If you want to own anything in the collection I'm afraid you'll have to resort to paying jacked up prices on eBay. Darn those scalpers who buy up everything super fast!

Enjoy some cute photos I took of them with my Sailor Moon figurine. I have the other inner scouts and Tuxedo Mask too but since Sailor Moon is the one featured in the packaging I just used her.

Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection - Moonlight Lip Gloss

Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection - Daylight Lip Gloss

Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection - From the Moon Powdered Blush

Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection - From the Moon Powdered Blush

Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection

If you want to get into the show, or relive your childhood, VIZ Media has been re-releasing the 90s version on DVD and Blu-Ray the past few years as part of the 20th anniversary. You can also watch Sailor Moon Crystal which is based a little more off the manga, but they aren't finished yet so if you start you'll have to wait a while for the next installment. Both are also on Hulu.

Sailor Moon Limited-Edition Blu-Ray Collection

Sailor Moon DVD

Sailor Moon Limited-Edition BluRay

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