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The second blazer on the blog in a week! I feel like it's 3 years ago when I wore my blazers all the time. It feels nice to be breaking them out again. Rather than just wearing my sweaters and a coat I've been trying to throw o a blazer instead. This is one of my favorite deals - a Brooks Brothers blazer for only $40, and I bought it new with tags, it retailed for $750! The last time I wore it was in March for Jury Duty, haha! This time it was just a walk in the park and dinner at my parents.

I've also been wearing these boots a lot lately, should probably give them a break and wear one of my MANY other pairs of boots, ha ha! This top, however, hasn't been seen on the blog since I was in London for New Years in 2017, oops! Definitely need to bring it back for more outfit photos (I have worn it since that post)

Blazer: Brooks Brothers (Roundabout), Sweater: Marc by Marc Jacobs "Pyo" Striped Sweater (Saks Off Fifth, also here), Jeans: Everlane high-rise skinny jean in mid-blue, Boots: Cordani (Roundabout), Bag: Dark Purple Chloé Faye (eBay), Sunglasses: Chanel

We didn't see much in the way of colorful trees this year. There was about a week where we were able to enjoy all the red, orange and yellow leaves but as quick as they came they all dropped to the ground. Always so sad! But there are still a few leaves hanging on in some areas so I'll enjoy it while I can. Autumn is my favorite season, probably because I'm an October baby. The smells, the colors, the Fall treats! I wish it would last all year.

Blazer: PBM Women's/Nordstrom (Coco's $10 Sale),  Sweater: Everlane, Boots: Cordani (Roundabout), Jeans: J Brand 'Maria' High Rise in Supreme (Gilt Groupe),  Bag: Dark Purple Chloé Faye (eBay), Sunglasses: Gucci, Eyeglasses chain: Tinksky (Amazon)

I was a little crazy on our last day in Montreal and wore my heeled boots even though I knew we would be "hiking" up Mount Royal. But here's the thing, they're actually pretty comfortable and they have a grippy bottom which would help if there was slippery ground (which there some mud.) I was more bothered by the fact that I'm super out of shape and could barely breathe while walking up. The shoes weren't too bad, except when we decided to go off the paved path down a hill, that's dicey even in flat shoes, ha ha. But I survived and got one heck of a calf/thigh workout! Totally worth it.

I love the colors of this cropped sweater, they're so perfectly fall and go with pretty much everything in my closet so it's easy to layer. I actually found one on eBay if anyone is a size small!

Crop Top Sweater: Zara, Sweater Dress: Miss Selfridge (Lord & Taylor), Faux-Suede Leggings: H&M, Boots: Cordani (Roundabout),  Wedding Band: Sofia Zakia Altair Ring (Catbird), Engagement Ring: Custom Sofia Zakia Wandering Star Ring, Opal

Coat: DKNY (old), Hat: bought at Kensington Palace, Scarf: NOMA (now LOUMA)

These photos were taken as it was flurrying before I ran out to lunch with one of my bosses (I'm a freelancer so I have multiple bosses.) It was cold, but not super cold so I decided to wear this sweater since it's one of my warmest and I wouldn't need a coat. I love the oversized knit of this Everlane sweater. I have so many of their sweaters on my wish list. PERFECTION.

Sweater: Everlane "The Wool-Cashmere Oversized Cable Turtleneck" in Surplus, Jeans: Free People, Boots: Cordani (Roundabout),  Bag: Emm Kuo 'Calle Bahia' (Roundabout Resale)

Don't let the cardigan as a coat fool you. Underneath this outfit I was wearing a bodysuit, tights and socks to keep me toasty warm. And the second photos were done I threw my nice warm gloves back on! These photos were taken after Lydia and I had lunch and before we braved an outdoor shopping area to make some post-holiday returns. I also bought a really cute star print sweater from J.Crew with a gift card I've had for a while. It still has $42 left on it too, score!

We also took a super quick run into Roundabout in Westport since they're in the middle part of their sale. It was only 50% off clothes and accessories so I wasn't planning on buying anything this trip. There was a really pretty Philosophy coat that was down to $61 but since I didn't need it, I resisted. Maybe it will still be there when the go up to 75 or 80% off and then I'll get it. Oddly enough, 4 out of 7 I was wearing this day was from Roundabout! Ha ha. I always get so many deals during their sales, what can I say.

P.S. Taking a blog break until after I get back from Florida. I'm headed down tomorrow for Universal's annual Celebration of Harry Potter (and a quick Disney visit too!) Keep up with me on Instagram!

Duster Cardigan: J.Crew (Roundabout), Striped Cashmere Sweater: Alice + Olivia (Roundabout), Jeans: Everlane "The High-Rise Skinny Jean" in Mid-Blue, Boots: Cordani (Roundabout),  Bag: Emm Kuo 'Calle Bahia' (Roundabout Resale), Hat: bought in London, Sunglasses: Gucci, Eyeglasses chain: Tinksky (Amazon)

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