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For the first time since reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (okay, maybe since Brisingr in September) I was not able to put down a book until I finished reading AND I stayed away from my computer most of the day.  What is the name of this book that performed such miracles, you ask? Classy, by Derek Blasberg!  I read it all this weekend, I did take some time out to eat and watch a couple movies ;)

At first I was a bit nervous about buying the book, after all it was just a book on how to be a lady.  But when I started reading I could not stop. The book tells you everything you need to know about being a modern lady. It is funny, a nice easy read, and very educational.  I must admit that I did know a lot of what I read in the book, but it was good to actually read it.

I particularly enjoyed the pages where Derek demonstrates the differences between being a lady and a tramp with photos of his friend Byrdie Bell.  The end of the book even has suggestions on what books to read, artists to know, documentaries and movies to watch and lots more!

This will surely be a classic book in the future as the new etiquette book for girls, since it is updated to include cell phones, computers and more new technology.

The people that will read this book are most likely those young women that do not need to be told how to be a lady.  The "tramps" as Derek calls them, that should be reading this book have probably never heard of it.  A few of my "friends" should read the chapter on being good friends and how to act around people.  But I will not name names, not like any of my real life friends know about this blog anyway.
If you want a bit of a preview of the book before purchasing it yourself, you can check out these samples from when he was a Guest Blogger on Teen Vogue:
And once you do that, Buy the book: Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady

UPDATE: hmm...after reading this it sorta seems negative at some points, but here's the bottom line:  
I LOVE THIS BOOK! It is so awesome and everyone should buy it!
P.S. Thanks Derek for actually reading this! :D :D 
    Today has been a lovely day spent away from my computer, I have been baking with my mom and reading Derek Blasberg's book, Classy!  It is such a GREAT book, funny, educational and just plain awesome! I suggest everyone read it! I'm almost halfway done and I just started reading it today.  Here are some pictures of what I baked with my mom for my brother's Confirmation party on Sunday.
    Orange Brownies

    not sure what its called but its macadamia nuts, with other stuff and then a layer of chocolate

    (this will be) Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares

    When I came home from school today I was greeted by tons of mail!  I had: Vogue, Teen Vogue, order: Back to the Future 1-3, No Reservations, Alice in Wonderland, and The Princess and the Frog, & Classy (I'll do a post dedicated to that soon!) some junk mail & my order from The Outnet!
    Sadly, my Karl Lagerfeld jeans didn't fit, so I've listed them on eBay, you can buy them now or make an offer, they retailed for $200! (my butt looked cute, but sadly they wouldn't button, & were too long)

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