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In case you didn't notice...I got my hair cut! Both the fiancé and I went to get our hair cleaned up last Wednesday to prepare for our big day. We were originally supposed to get it cut the Thursday before that but there was a bit of a problem.

Our appointments were for 3pm, we showed up at the salon and the doors were locked. We went back to the car and tried to call, no answer. A few minutes later an old lady walked to the salon and got in so we quickly ran in and followed her. Turns out the place SHUT DOWN and they didn't bother to call people that had appointments. So we tracked down the girl that does our hair and found her new salon and made new appointments. What a production!

I get my haircut about once a year, I think my last cut was in June or July of 2017. I just hate paying for haircuts since I don't do much with my hair so I just let it grow out and then chop it off and start the process again, haha!

Cardigan: Banana Republic Italian Cashmere-Blend Boyfriend Cardigan, Floral Camisole: eight sixty, Corduroy Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch, Studded Suede Velvet Floral Embroidered Mules: Zigi Soho (T.J. Maxx), Sunglasses: Chanel

It's been a SUPER hot week hence the blog silence, so instead of my usual throwback outfit I figured I would show how I wore some items over the past few years! It's been a while since I did a post like this so why not do an updated one? Maybe I'll do another in Fall or Winter. Click on the photos to view that post.

eight sixty floral camisole (dress version)

When I first bought this top I didn't think I would wear it often because of the deep v on both sides. I'm not the biggest fan of showing off my chest but I thought it was pretty.  Now it'so ne of my favorite things to wear in the warmer months. And I can even wear it in Fall with jackets.

Who What Wear x Target floral shirt dress

I bought this dress on a whim and it is one of my most worn pieces this Summer even though it's only been on the blog once. I throw it on whenever I have to run out and don't want to think about what I'm wearing.

Crop top from Greece

Another piece I didn't think I would wear more than once but wanted to buy something crazy on my trip to Greece. I've worn it six times (on the blog, probably more than that) and it's always been different! Just goes to show you, sometimes vacation impulse buys are worth it.

Carven Jungle Print Skirt

Who doesn't love a crazy jungle printed skirt? I'm surprised I've worn this in so many different ways. Whenever I want to wear it I'm always stumped. But apparently I can wear it with anything I want!  Good thing I have a lot of purples and blues in my closet.

Vince Tee

One of my awesome Outnet Clearance sale steals. It's the softest shirt I own and in my favorite color! I don't know why I haven't worn it more often than this.

Sweater Tank made by Grandma

My Grandmother made this a LONG time ago for my mom and she used to wear it all the time. She passed it down to me in 2012 and I've given her a run for her money on times worn. It's a great way to keep my Grandma with me even though she passed away when I was 13.

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