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Here we are with anther installment of my Fall 2013 favorites!!  View all my favorites here on my Lookbook!
Christian Dior
Elie Saab
Dolce & Gabbana
Bottega Veneta
This is the last of the Spring 2012 collections that I'm posting. First up is Matthew Williamson. I love the colors and prints in this collection. A lot of these looks would totally work for Fall, but Fall is pretty much coming to a close now so they would need a heavy jacket.

Issa:The bottom three looks I chose are my favorites, the print is amazing and would look wonderful at the beach.  The top 3 are more upscale and would work for dinner parties or other fancy events.

Elie Saab: I loved the rich colors of this collection. It is so glamorous, I just wish I had an occasion to wear something like this.  The cuts are so amazing and would flatter almost anyone.  If you switched out the fabrics in the shorter dresses to jersey or another more casual material they would definitely be great for work environments as well.

Prada: This collection was so fun, I loved all the car themed shoes. But I decided to post some more wearable looks.  The length of the skirts is perfect, they aren't too short and they aren't too long.  And the bathing suit has an amazing cut, I would definitely rock that on the beach.

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