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A few weeks ago I shared my favorite looks from New York Fashion Week. Today I'm sharing my favorites from the remainder of the shows! As usual, I was drawn to all the printed looks. I think my favorite collection was Etro, I may feature more looks from the collection at a later date, but for now you can check it out here.

Bouchra Jarrar
Christopher Kane
Isabel Marant
Matthew Williamson
Preen Line
Saint Laurent
Stella McCartney
Louis Vuitton
Miu Miu
Paul & Joe
I feel like my blog is a constant advertisement for net-a-porter. If you haven't noticed I can't go a few days without mentioning the store in a post, but I can't help it! They're my favorite store and place for inspiration! I think they should offer me a job ;) (just kidding, even though I would LOVE that)

Anyway, here are my current lusts and items I'm hoping are in the End of Season sale, which I have a feeling will be coming soon (I know a few probably won't be in the sale, like the Pistols, but I love them so I included them anyway)! I've been saving up so I can splurge on a couple items, hopefully not more than that though...I don't think my bank account would appreciate me wiping it out on clothes. No matter how much I would like to. [You can expect another post on net-a-porter items once the sale starts]

Click the photos to visit product pages.

You get two posts today, how exciting! :D

A lot of the spring looks I posted previously were more Fall than Spring, but these looks are VERY Spring.  The Ralph Lauren, Erdem and Oscar de la Renta collections were full of soft colors, florals and flowy dresses and skirts.  The Erdem collection is my favorite, such perfection.

Ralph Lauren


Oscar de la Renta

Photos from
I was going to do three separate posts for these last collections but I figured I'd do them at once so I can post some Spring 2012 collections, ha ha.  Sorry I'm killing you guys with fashion week pictures, but I can't help it!

Erdem I could have sworn I posted these when the collections first came out but I realized I didn't! I am SO in love with these floral prints since they are darker these looks can also work well into the fall and winter. I love how even the shoes have the floral print, but it is not over the top which makes them totally wearable. 

Mulberry - I am very glad that socks in sandals/booties is still "in." I would still have worn them that way because I still like it, but its always fun when stuff is still in style, ha ha. I love how this Mulberry collection is girly, edgy, put together and yet still fun. Its a mix of so many different things that a lot of different girls would want to wear.

DKNY - I am a huge DKNY fan and I LOVE this collection. I would definitely wear all of these! One of my favorite colors to wear is burgundy and this collection was full of it! YES! Who else is excited that one of the major fall colors is burgundy? *raises both hands*

I know a lot of people hate when bloggers only do inspiration posts instead of outfit posts but I don't have the resources or time to do huge awesome outfit posts every day. It is a bit depressing, BUT I think I'm going to try to take time to do at least one special outfit post per week, we'll see how that goes, hopefully I can find the time.  But I will make sure to do more dress for less posts as well, remember you can still request a dress for less (or general outfit)!

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