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Here is my last camping outfit, and is not something you will normally see me in: workout clothes. I'm not one for going to the gym or working out, so I don't have much need for athletic wear. I don't even own sneakers! (I borrowed a friends for this outfit.) But, since I knew we would be going on some hikes during our trip, I decided to get some real workout clothes, this is when I discovered Fabletics! I saw a commercial where Kate Hudson was talking about the site and how you can get your first outfit for $25! A full outfit for $25? I'm in!  This look came with shorts, a top and a sports bra, but there are a bunch of combinations.

This shirt is AMAZING! We were hiking for quite a while (5 miles one day and a little under the second) and I knew I was getting, you know...sweaty, and you couldn't even tell with this shirt. It is so good at keeping you dry. And the shorts come with built-in underwear, but I am too self-conscious for that, so I wore other underwear too. (Never though I would say that word on this blog! Some things are meant to stay private, ha ha)

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just like the outfit!

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