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Thanks to the snow this week I don't have an outfit post for today, but since it's been quite a while (over 3 years...) since I've done a favorite things post, now's the perfect time! What better piece to feature than my current bag obsession: the dark purple Chloé Faye bag I bought in August! This was the biggest clothing purchase I've made, apart from my Chanel 2.55 purse back in 2012.

My middle name is Faye after my grandmother. She passed away when I was 13 so this bag has added meaning because it will always remind me of her.

Chloé debuted their Faye bag in September 2014 at the Spring/Summer 2015 show. It was tapped to be an it bag for Spring. Admittedly, I forgot about it until I saw it pop up in my thrice weekly "New In" email from Net-a-Porter in Spring. Once I saw it again my shoulder was itching to carry the 70s inspired bag.

The Chloé Faye comes in multiple sizes and in smooth calfskin, smooth & suede calfskin, and embellished versions.  The sturdiness and accordion style is also what drew me in. You can carry it long or short shoulder and cross-body. The ring loop with hook and chain hardware is also a really fun added touch! Another awesome detail is that the hardware is gold AND silver, perfect for my metal mixing ways. It's classic with a twist, just my style!

The Faye was made in so many beautiful colors but I couldn't justify spending $2000 on a bag color I already owned or was just "basic." There was a gorgeous burgundy but I already had that same color in a smaller bag so I resisted.

It wasn't until Fall of 2016 that I absolutely HAD to have the bag. They released a dark purple which, as many of you know, is my favorite color. The day I saw it I decided to start saving up so I could eventually buy it. Unfortunately they didn't make dark purple for very long and after only a few months I couldn't find it anywhere. I knew I would have to resort to eBay and consignment shops when I finally had enough saved up.

I scoured eBay, The Real Real, Luxury Garage Sale, and Vestiaire Collective for at least 8 months. During that time I came across maybe one or two dark purple bags in passable condition. Then I found one NWT on eBay and decided to go for it even though I didn't have enough saved. After a week of debating with myself, I talked the seller down $300 and robbed my (still unplanned) Australia vacation savings account [read about how I handle personal finance] to pay for the rest. So while I splurged it's not a huge deal since I borrowed from a vacation that won't happen for at least another year. I have now successfully built that account back up to where it should be, after only 4 months.

Here are all the outfits it has appeared in on the blog.  I've worn it many more times that haven't been shown, but you get the idea. I'm pretty obsessed with it.

I haven't done a favorite things post in a while, so let's go! Today I'm featuring my Etro blazer.  I scored it for $188 at Roundabout; they retail for over $1500. There are so many amazing details that you guys don't see when I do outfit posts so I figured now was a perfect time to share!  I've worn this numerous times since buying it back in December: Mad About You, Valentine's Day and Fire & Rain to share a few.

Also, Daniel Radcliffe and I apparently have the same taste since he wore a similar patchwork style blazer on Kelly and Michael earlier this month: evidence.

My favorite things posts are usually reserved for clothing or accessories. But today I thought it was fitting to share one of my favorite stores, Roundabout Resale.  Roundabout opened in Westport, CT in 1989 and expanded to New York City in 2008 and currently have two stores there. They recently announced they will be opening a third store in New York City this March. Information on the store is as follows:
Roundabout, New York's leading purveyor of luxury resale and discount couture, is pleased to announce the Spring 2014 opening of a second Upper East Side location at 1100 Madison Avenue (between 82nd and 83rd Streets) having acquired the lease of the space currently occupied by Lumas gallery.
I have gotten some of my favorite pieces from Roundabout at amazing prices.  I mainly wait for their sales but sometimes I go in and just can't resist splurging on a one of a kind item.  Below are some of my favorite buys:

Chloé boots, Cashmere cape, Etro blazer, Manolo Blahnik pumps, Chanel blazer, Chanel skirt,
Cordani boots, Rebecca Taylor dress, Lanvin pumps, Balenciaga pants

And a gorgeous Tracy Reese dress that is waiting for the right occasion. Maybe my cousins wedding this Summer, but there is the slight problem of it being white-ish. But I think it's far enough from a pure white dress that it will work.

And here is some more basic information on Roundabout for those of you who are interested:
Owners Laurie and Richard Perren created Roundabout 25 years ago with the goal of having the best consignment / resale store in the country. With their unique business model they not only offer an amazing selection of pre-owned designer items from America's best closets, but through direct relationships with boutiques, showrooms and designers they are also able to sell current and past season "new" items at a discount of up to 70% off original retail. From cutting edge Alaia to classic Chanel, Roundabout is able to stock the finest labels in fashion at incredible prices.

By providing customers with a similar luxury shopping experience as neighboring high-end retailers, along with the assurance of impeccable condition and quality, Roundabout is able to obtain a higher selling price and therefore a higher return to the consignor than the current fad of online resale sites. Roundabout pays 66% of the selling price to consignors of Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton handbags and 50% for all other merchandise.

* This is NOT a sponsored post
Ever since I was young, I've had a thing for Ancient Greek mythology. I had a book on all the Gods and Goddesses and Hercules was one of my favorite Disney movies (still is.) As I've gotten older, I've forgotten most of what I'd learned, it may be time for a refresher...if I could only find that book!  But now, thanks to Ancient Greek Sandals, I can show my love with specifically!  And we all know how much I love unique shoes!
I first discovered them through, who else, Net-a-Porter; while checking the What's New section I saw sandals with WINGS on them: AWESOME!  Since then, I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair.  My first attempt, the Nephele, which I got on sale at Shopbop, was a bust.  They don't make half sizes and I got a size too small, and were also a little weird to put on because of all the straps.  That let me know two things:
  1. Go a size up, and
  2. Even though a lot of straps look cool, they are hard to wear!  
I finally decided on the Ikaria sandal which took me a while because I couldn't pick a color (see this Instagram.) I went with natural because it would match everything - see all the available colors at the Ancient Greek Sandals website. I was so excited when they finally arrived, the leather is SUPER soft and comfortable and I can see myself wearing these for years to come. I imagine they'll only get better as they age.

Before I get to photos of my new favorite sandals, enjoy some information on the company, founded in 2011, courtesy of their about page: According to an ancient greek myth, the gods and goddesses had their sandals made on the beautiful island of Crete by a gifted sandal maker who enriched each pair with magical powers. Famous for having made the flying sandals for Hermes, the sandal maker also embellished them with his personal signature... a ‘golden wing’ buckle. The first styles have come to light and we are reproducing them for you, handmade in beautiful natural leather that ages beautifully with time and wear. We don’t however include the magical powers; you can enrich them with your own!

Enough chattering, time for the photos!

All the sandals are hand-made to order in Greece when you place an order directly from their website.  Because of this it takes 14-30 days for them to arrive. So if you like a pair on the website and don't want to wait that long just do a quick search to see if they are available at any other retailers.  Below are some more I would love to add to my closet. Now my problem will be to not buy every single pair.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I wrote it because I like the company.

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