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Everyone is obsessed with all the young movie stars these days and I am no different. Today I thought I would share with you some of my girl style crushes [in no particular order and only 2011 outfits]! I definitely had more but it took forever to get pictures for these few, ha ha. Perhaps I'll do another edition soon. Who are your favorite stylish starlets?

Elle Fanning: This 13 year old has impeccable taste! One of my favorite things about Elle is that she dresses her age and doesn't try to be a grown up.  She is so adorable and I know she will be a huge style icon when she's older.
Photos from Totally Elle
Dakota Fanning: Elle's older sis sure knows a thing or two about fashion as well! Dakota has a much more serious and edgy style and is less whimsical than her younger sister, but that is why I love her style so much.
Photos from Lovely Dakota
Emma Watson: Everyone knows I've been obsessed with Emma's style for forever, so she had to make the list.  I can't wait until her hair grows back out though...I miss it.
Photos from
Clemence Poesy: Another Potter girl with AMAZING style. Clemence is so gorgeous and looks like a fairy, ha ha. And how can you not love her French accent?
Photos from
Georgie Henley: Another one of the young girls on this list, Georgie is such a cutie and always looks great.  What is it with British girls and always looking perfect?
Photos from Simply Georgie

I've been a fan of Georgie since she appeared in the first Narnia, she was ADORABLE! She has turned into a beautiful young lady with an awesome sense of style. Her recent outfits from recent events in promoting the third Narnia film have all been perfect for her age and so pretty. If you haven't seen The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: DO IT! I FINALLY saw it on the 28th and it was sooo good.
I also LOVE these photoshoot images.  All the images from the desaturated shoot can be found here.
Since we're on the subject of Narnia, Anna Popplewell is also GORGEOUS and I love how she doesn't get into all that Hollywood junk. For a bit of eye candy...Ben Barnes and Skandar Keynes with some Will Mosely thrown in ;)
Photos from Enchanted, Simply Georgie and Google.

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