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Capes. They rock! Especially this one because it's cashmere and was only $30! It has only made a few appearances on the blog, but I throw it on whenever I want to feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket. I'm rather enjoying how my hair looks in the last photo, too bad it doesn't do that all the time!  That’s all there is to say today, rather short winded, I’m afraid.

EXCEPT:  Notice something new?! On Wednesday I decided to finally give the blog a little upgrade. I finished customizing it that night but decided to actually update the theme last night to start fresh before the weekend! I got my theme from SoraTemplates (see the one I used here.) It wasn't exactly what I wanted, luckily my first job was in programming, so I made my own adjustments (and buttons for bloglovin, like to know it and fohr card)

What do you think? Let me know if there are any bugs.

Cape: b chyll (Roundabout Resale), Top: thrifted, Jeans: Genetic Denim c/o Piperlime & LuckyFABB, Mouse Flats: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop), Necklace: Marrin Costello (available soon!)

Last week Kavita, the Creative Director for The IOU Project emailed to let me know about their wonderful project.  It is launching later this month and it is going to be great, and is for a great cause! You can sign up on their website for updates on the new initiative. Kavita says:
I am a fashion designer, and together with my company, we set ourselves up with what we thought was an almost impossible challenge:  to design and produce a line of totally unique clothing that would be cool and casual, but no matter how many people bought an item no two would ever be the same....
 And for more details, watch this video:

P.S. Whoever did that Kinetic Typography piece is AMAZING! I actually had to do 2 of these during school, one with Flash the other with After Effects (click those links if you want to watch them on YouTube) Keep in mind we had a time limit for them so they aren't as good as they would have been if I had tons of time. Oh and here's a third one we had to do for took about 2 hours and is probably just as good as the ones that took weeks ;)

UPDATE: Kavita has sent over a bit more information about the project which you can read below. You can also check out their Facebook for some photos of the pieces.
The idea was to create easy classic pieces with a lot of beautifully made details. 
Of course since each piece is unique it has its own QR code that takes you to the entire story of the product, the video/pictures of the artisan who made the fabric in India and the artisans who made the garment in Europe.
And if you feel like it you can take your picture and add it to the story of that piece. All of this can be looked at and shared from our website.
If i were to sum up the IOU Project i would say that it has been a study in the creation of a Prosperity chain; an experiment to rethink how goods are produced and sold in a way that benefits everyone.
We Believe:
In empowering the Artisan
In celebrating Uniqueness
In our right to Transparency
We believe in the power of Technology to make these happen.
I am in the process of entering a contest for creating a new candy (any ideast? ;) ) & for inspiration I was checking out some old candy advertisements and posters. I thought you might enjoy them.

Photos thanks to AllPosters

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