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My ASOS order arrived yesterday!  Everything fits great which is good because I was a bit nervous.  I went wild when I took my picture of the sweater and wore my bright pink bra since that's apparently the stylish thing to do. But I wouldn't be brave enough to go out in public like that even though I like it when other bloggers do it, ha ha. [Do you like my mock-heel pose? I was too lazy to put on shoes]

I'm pretty sure I am going to keep the Oasis dress [the floral one] for my High Tea dress and return the other one (even though its really nice).  My ideal shoe would be these gorgeous Miu Mius but I just can't do it...I want to splurge SOOOO bad but I need to resist...even if they are perfect and classic and gorgeous XD What do you guys think...would they be a good investment shoe? I don't really own any plain pumps (not even black *gasp*) My mom would murder me if I did it though, ha ha...I'd never be able to go through with it anyway, I talk big but then I chicken out.
I could get these similar ones from Target...but its just not the same so I don't think I would ever be totally happy with them...I'm sure I can find better ones eventually, haha...
In exactly 2 months I will be having High Tea at the Ritz in London and I STILL haven't found my perfect outfit. Since I was getting frustrated I decided to find my dream look no matter what the price and then try to find something similar that's actually in my budget.  Hopefully I'll go out this weekend and search for my perfect dress and then use stuff in my closet to finish the look. :)

I wanted to keep the look classy but still me and fun! And I also threw in a hat/hair accessory because you have to when you go to High Tea, right? ;) I couldn't find a good clutch, but I'm not even sure I'll carry one yet. Would this be an appropriate look? (I'm still not totally sure of what is proper and improper for high tea...XD)
Dress: Marc Jacobs
Blazer: Dion Lee
Headband: Louis Mariette
Pumps: Miu Miu

There were 5 dresses that I really liked so in the end I picked one are the runner ups. Click the photos to go to the product pages.
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P.S. I find it amusing that on the 4th of July, aka Independence Day, I will be doing something soooo British. I guess I should be British instead of American ;)
Update: Check out a fully styled outfit in this post, and see what I wore here!

As I've mentioned a few times I'm heading to London in July with seven other girls, we're mainly going there to do crazy Harry Potter fan stuff but we'll also be taking a full day London tour, some shopping, going to Paris for a day and we're also going to High Tea at the Ritz! I STILL haven't decided what to wear, I could wear something I have but I'm using this as an excuse to buy a really fun, pretty dress! I'm thinking of going with a floral or bright colored dress, but I'm not sure yet.

Here are some ideas, the only bad thing that is the price so I'll be searching for similar dresses. But who knows, I may be bad and splurge on one of them (one of the cheaper ones of course). Or I may wear one of the Target designer re-released dresses (I ordered a bunch last weekend and I'm waiting for them to arrive to see which ones I want to keep, haha)!  Click on the image of the dress to purchase or see the designer.  Which one would you get?! I think the first is my favorite, or the green one *drools*

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