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When I came home from school today I was greeted by tons of mail!  I had: Vogue, Teen Vogue, order: Back to the Future 1-3, No Reservations, Alice in Wonderland, and The Princess and the Frog, & Classy (I'll do a post dedicated to that soon!) some junk mail & my order from The Outnet!
Sadly, my Karl Lagerfeld jeans didn't fit, so I've listed them on eBay, you can buy them now or make an offer, they retailed for $200! (my butt looked cute, but sadly they wouldn't button, & were too long)
The Outnet seduced me! They are having a sale on denim, 40% off & I found these awesome K Karl Lagerfeld wide legged jeans! I hope they fit and look nice! They are normally $200, The Outnet's price was $60, then 40% off makes them $36, and I had a coupon for Free Shipping! So I saved $164!!!  And on a side note, I got the LAST pair in my size, they sold out right after my order, talk about luck! Hopefully my order went through before they sold out or I will be depressed. I always get such a rush from getting a good deal like this.  Shopping is like a drug for me, haha.
What do you think of them?

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