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The Outnet's Fall sale started today and you can get an EXTRA 50% off their already reduced prices! The sale only lasts 48 hours so you better get shopping! Below are my picks from the sale. I may have already bought something...oops! Yay for birthday money, right?!

Today's Dress for Less isn't my usual whole outfit under $100 look. Instead I've decided to use designer items that are under $150 each. I want to buy every single piece, sadly I cannot. I did return those Valentino shoes I bought in the Net-a-Porter sale, because they were too small (if you buy them I would try a half size up, or maybe a full size,) so perhaps I can get a little something.

For this look I went for a simple vibe with the boyfriend shorts and slouchy tee.  I also mixed in some tribal, with the necklace, and classic by adding the Michael Kors watch. The look is finished off with turquoise wedges that bring out the color in the  necklace (because I like to do that...) It is a lot of trends but since they are simple pieces I think it works. The great thing about all these pieces is that you can mix and match them with so much in your closet! 
OAK Top - $30
Current/Elliott Boyfriend Shorts - $130 [I wanted to use these MiH Boyfriend Jeans but they were $168...]
Chan Luu Necklace - $105
Michael Kors Watch - $112.50
MICHAEL Michael Kors Wedges - $75
KARL Canvas Bag - $25

Elle France has featured KARL by Karl Lagerfeld collection pieces! If you recall I attended the launch of the KARL line with net-a-porter back in January.  The shoot features Karl Lagerfeld with a pair of models who are, of course, wearing clothes from his KARL line. Net-a-Porter is still the only place where you can buy KARL items so be sure to head over and purchase items now before they sell out!
Photos from ELLE France.

Some of the products featured are below, click the photo to buy!

The moment I chose these awesome ripped effect/paint splatter jeans from my new sponsor OASAP I knew exactly what I wanted to wear with them!  I went for the whole edgy rocker chick look, I am basically Karlified! Karl Lagerfeld shirt, gloves and a Chanel bag to top it all off! I really love the full black look but I never had all the pieces to be able to do it, and now I do! I even went with really dark lipstick, ha ha.  And I put on too much blush, but who cares, it was crazy day! [photo overload, sorry, haha] My lovely roommate helped me out with the detail photos before we went to have out girls day.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants, The Chowder Pot and then to the mall! I was a bad girl and bought Chanel April nail polish and Beauté Initiale Energizing Multi-Protection Fluid with SPF 15 (I got a sample of it and became addicted). And I finally got a good one piece bathing suit, TWO actually. I had ordered this Miu Miu one but it was too open on the sides for my liking. I got this brown and navy striped DKNY one-piece and this Michael Michael Kors leopard print one-piece!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Maximal Art giveaway to win a heart charm bracelet!

Jeans c/o OASAP, Tee: Karl c/o net-a-porter, Blazer: Ralph Lauren gift, Fingerless Gloves: Karl c/o net-a-porter, Booties: R2 (DSW) $35, Bracelet: Diamer Jewelry c/o The Missing Piece, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop) gift card, Bag: Chanel

This is a few days overdue but here it is, FINALLY, my recap of the launch of KARL by Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-Porter! This post will be in the form of a very LONG diary of my day/review of the collection.  I was specifically invited to the event, by the lovely folks at Net-a-Porter, but it was an open event so anyone could go. My day started SUPER early, I got up at 6am & caught an 8:15 train where I met up with Lydia!  We talked about craziness on our ride into the city and had to hail a cab. Thankfully for us there was one just sitting there waiting so we didn't have to try really hard (we both STINK at catching cabs.)  We got to the event about 45 minutes early & the line wasn't too long, yet.  Then began our long wait for the fun to begin! There was a guy & his girlfriend ahead of us (he worked at Chanel) and he kept complaining about how tacky & dumb the event was and "Chanel would never do something like this"...I wanted to punch him!
As it got closer to 10:30 the staff started walking around asking if we had downloaded the KARL app yet so we could shop and win once the event began! They also handed out gift bags to the first people in line. We all got bags and "Karl Addict" tshirts and then everyone got another special item. I got the famous Karl Lagerfeld gloves ($65) and Lydia got an amazing sequin collar ($175.)
At 10:30 they removed a cloth banner covering the window to reveal 3 of the outfits from the collection and this is where the fun began!  They let us through in groups and we used our iPhones and iPads (they also supplied them) to scan the outfits and try to win pieces from the collection! So many girls around Lydia and I were winning but luck just wasn't on our side.  Then we proceeded inside the building where there were more outfits to scan as well as a fun coffee stand so you could get a drink in a fun Karl Lagerfeld cup.  After scanning for a while and not winning we gave up and decided to head out for some NYC fun. Some of the girls who worked for Net-a-Porter actually remembered me from the Affiliate Tea in July, so that was nice!
To finish up with the Karl part of the day, here are some of my favorite pieces in the collection, I tried to win some of them at the Window Shop, but sadly I only left with my bag, tshirt and gloves.  The collection is full of some amazing statement pieces that are also pretty basic. For example all of the sequin pieces, if you wore them all at once you would look like a crazy person, but wear the jacket with simple jeans and pumps and it is perfection! I love the edgyness and that it is only 3 colors: black, white and grey/silver. Click to view product pages.
[I should have bought the Burgundy dress...maybe if it comes back in stock...]
After the event we went to take our outfit photos (and we stupidly though "oh, we'll do our crossing the street photos later" and never did them...poo!) then walked for a bit and found an adorable cafe in the West Village called Doma where we went for lunch! I got DELICIOUS French Toast with sliced fruit and Lydia got an icky goat cheese salad thing ;) After we were fed and watered we headed out to do what any fashion bloggers would do in the city: SHOP!  Our first stop was Second Time Around, where I got the blazer I posted on Thursday.  Then we also stopped at Loehman's, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Zara and H&M before we were too pooped to walk and  had to head home.
The lovely Lydia (all photographs in this post, except the second one, are by her)
Sandals: Miu Miu eBay, Blazer: Moschino Cheap & Chic eBay $27, Jeans: Free People (Gilt Groupe) gift card, Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop), Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop) gift card, Coat: TJ Maxx gift ($40)
Here is the story I promised on Thursday (this is very long winded and ends badly, so you don't have to read it.) As some of you may know, I have been saving up for a Chanel bag since I started my job, I will FINALLY have enough once my tax return comes through but Chanel is raising their prices by 500-600 dollars on February 1st (YUCK!) so I was hoping to find one in the city.  But as timing would have it, Rue La La was having a Chanel sale on Wednesday at 11am (aka right in the middle of the Karl event.) So at 11 I went to the app on my iPhone & tried to find a suitable purse. I found the perfect one: a vintage Jumbo Black Classic Flap in Caviar for $3,999, which is $1000 cheaper than the current purses ($1600 cheaper than they will be in a few days).

After agonizing and bugging Lydia about it for a few minutes I finally pressed "Buy It" but my credit card wouldn't work!! That's probably because I've never spent that much money in one it thought my card was stolen. I couldn't call the company to let them know because I was in the middle of a crowded room, so I tried another card, still no go...and then the bag was gone! I was SO depressed.  My Chanel dreams were crushed and I gave up hope on ever getting my most coveted item.
[After we left the event I had to call my credit card company, but at least I got a good shot out of it that you saw above ;) Props to Lydia for taking advantage of my misfortune and turning it into an awesome picture!]

But when we were in Loehman's, Lydia pointed out a $16,000 Hermes bag and we drooled over it, I slowly looked up and there it was...a gorgeous dark purple (my favorite color) Chanel, on sale for $2800, so we asked if I could see it. As I held the purse I died a bit inside...SO soft, so amazing, but it wasn't a classic flap so I passed. Once again I was so close and had it ripped from my hands! VERY depressing. I just have to hope that a sample sale site will have another Chanel sale soon (doubtful). 
It was like this but fully quilted like the classic flap
Here's hoping that I get amazingly lucky and find my perfect Chanel for under $4000....highly unlikely. (I want black, purple or dark would be ideal but those are hard to come by in Classic Flaps)

All photos © to Lydia!! [except the Chanel bags and goodie bag shot]
On Friday I got a very exciting email from net-a-porter inviting me to the launch of KARL by Karl Lagerfeld for net-a-porter on January 25th in New York City. I hastily asked for the day off and thankfully it was granted!  At first I thought it was an exclusive event because my email said to RSVP, but then I got a general email in the form of a net-a-porter newsletter and it is actually an open event, so you guys can go too! There are pop-up store locations in 5 countries, I posted the information below.

The only problem is to shop the collection you need an app on your iPhone or iPad 2 and I have may finally be time for me to bite the bullet and buy the iPhone4s...I've wanted one for a while but just didn't want to spend the money.  I only have 3 days to get one though and I hate going places after we'll see if I can make it to the store today or something.

Now the next problem is...WHAT DO I WEAR!? This is my first time going to an event like this, the past 2 times I was able to go to a fashion event was  an affiliate tea and my Outnet Photoshoot, nothing as big as this. I've been agonizing over what to wear and so far I was thinking of a simple look with some pop. I have to decide what to wear UNDER the blazer though...and I'll probably need a coat...perhaps my leopard coat?or would that be too leopardy?

Sandals: Miu Miu eBay
Blazer: Moschino Cheap & Chic eBay $27
Jeans: Free People (Gilt Groupe) gift card
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop)
Watch: Michael Kors (25% off at Lord & Taylor)
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop) gift card
(I will obviously have flats in my purse for when my feet start dying)
And yes, this is sorta a copy of something I wore 2 weeks ago, but when something works why not wear it again? ;)

I am also freaking out because I've never caught a cab on my own many of you know I am VERY shy so whenever I go to NYC alone I walk EVERYWHERE and avoid talking to people. BUT if I walked to this event it would take forever, so that is not an option, ha ha. But now that I did this post there is no chickening out because you all know I'm going ;)

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