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Today I am off to Jamaica, Vermont to go camping with my two best friends!  I used to go every year with my extended family starting when I was 7 or so and all the way until my teens, but then we stopped going for a while and I went one more time with my aunt. Last year I decided to go by myself with my friends thinking it would be a one time thing. Turns out they enjoyed it too so we might make it an annual thing!

I obviously won't be as fashionable as Keira in this shoot, but I'll try to take some photos for you. I have always been a fan of this shoot because 1. I love Keira and 2. The elephant is adorable!

Source - Vogue US June 2007
Many of you probably know by now that Keira Knightly is one of my girl crushes.  She was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia's January 2011 issue and I love it! She looks GORGEOUS with her new haircut, even in the photo where she has a beard drawn on her face (how is that possible?). I LOVE the outfit she's wearing in the photo with the dog best, the coat is amazing, but I love them all! Which is your favorite? (click to see them full size in a lightbox)
Source - zfashionblog
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