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Love Your Body Day 2011!

Today is Love Your Body Day and Ashley over at Two Eyes in the Mirror has asked all her followers to do a post about why we love our bodies or how we learned to love them! To be honest I am never good at writing meaningful blog posts so this is a little hard for me, but it is definitely important for me to do this post. Society has put too much pressure on girls, and boys, to be perfect.  But the thing is, there is no such thing as perfect in the way that society wants us to think.  We are all perfect in our own ways. I am short, with man shoulders and sometimes I wish I had a smaller chest, but I wouldn't want myself any other way when I really think about it.

I have slowly started accepting my body for what it is and I embrace my shortness.  It means that I can wear super tall shoes and not be a giant, but I can also wear flats and be proud of being a shorty.  When I was younger, until I was 17, I did gymnastics and that stunts your growth and puberty so I never really had a chest until I stopped, it has taken me a long while to get used to the fact that I now have more curves but I am starting to get used to it.  It does mean that I cannot wear certain kinds of tops [I don't like showing too much] so I can't really wear v-necks or deep scoops; but I don't really care for those anyway so it works!

Some things that I LOVE about my body are my legs and awesome hair and my butt. Do you like how I made that last bit smaller, it feels a bit weird to say it, but I really do enjoy my tuckus, it looks lovely in jeans ;)

So no matter if you are tall, short, skinny, normal sized, flat chested, not flat chested, have big eyes, a big butt or man shoulders EMBRACE your differences and love them! They are what makes you, you! 

Why do you love your body?!

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