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A lot of my outfits start with shoes. I pick out a pair of shoes that I think need some more love and plan an outfit around it. With these shoes I decided to pair them with burnt orange for an interesting color combo! Topped off with an oversized cardigan, as is my habit and you have a super comfortable look! The dress and cardigan combo may have worked better with heels since I'm on the shorter side, but I still like the way this came out.

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs c/o Marshalls, Cardigan: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (Lord & Taylor), Flats c/o Joie, Necklace: Grandma's

Do you ever have outfits that you aren't sure they look good? Well this is that kind of outfit. I like the top part (minus the wrong color blue tee, I don't have a navy or orange!) but the tights and boots are throwing it off for me. But, as it's Winter, I had to cover my legs somehow and black/brown tights wouldn't have worked and I have misplaced my navy ones! Darn! But, here I am, sharing the outfit. At least I made good on wearing these boots more often!

The neighbors were outside when I was going to take my photos so I decided to just take them inside. Like my Sword in the Stone poster? One of my favorite Disney movies!

Tee: Everlane, Sweater: Tory Burch (TJ Maxx), Skirt: Old Navy, Boots: Chloe (Roundabout Resale)

UPDATE: stuck in Florida until tomorrow because of the latest storm. At least Mother Nature is being kind after making me miss the first day of my trip. But it also means I'm missing more work, not good! Cross your fingers that my flight goes out tomorrow!

I'm home from my trip to Florida! This outfit is from before I left, but hopefully I'm finishing this week with regular outfit posts, but starting next week it's Florida outfits!

This outfit is full of animals! A (faux) fur vest, snakeskin textured jeans, snakeskin print shirt AND leopard print loafers. I may have gone a bit overboard, but it kind of works, right?!

Top: Altuzarra for Target, Faux Fur Vest: French Connection (Marshalls), Jeans: Jolt (Marshalls), Flats c/o Joie

Happy February!! Today is my last day in Florida, so sad! I must admit it will be nice to go home and back to my routine of watching TV and snacking all by myself. Ha ha.  But it was good to be around people for the past week since I'm usually a hermit.

I've had to limit my wears of these jeans lately. I wore them SO often for a while that they started to stretch out a lot and when I washed them to get their old shape back they faded a little. So I need to be more careful if i want them to last. Might have to find a backup pair on eBay; let the hunt begin!

Sweater: Madewell, Jeans: Mother c/o Marshalls, Flats: Chanel (Roundabout Resale), Necklace: was Mom's, Watch c/o Movado

A couple weekends ago I took a last minute trip to New York City for brunch with friends.  I wanted to wear this camisole I got during Piperlime's 60% off sale sale (only $12!) but it was going to be quite chilly. So I wore a suede jacket and topped it off with a leopard coat. I took these photos at about 8:30am so I forgot to take a quick shot with the jacket - oops! I also broke a fashion "rule" and wore black and navy together, but it totally worked!

Luckily it wasn't too cold so after brunch a few of us walked through Central Park to head back to our respective locations. Grand Central for me! I was only in the city for 4 hours, and my travel time was 3.5 hours. Sometimes you have to sacrifice time for fun! :)  Right when I got home I headed out to dinner with all my cousins, so it was truly a whirlwind day!

Camisole: Eight Sixty (Piperlime), Jacket: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (Marshalls), Jeans: Current/Elliott (The Outnet), Boots: Vince Camuto (Marshalls), Necklace: House of Harlow c/o South Moon Under, Bag: Gianni Notaro (Marshalls)

I wore this for a lunch at The Cheesecake Factory with 2 of my friends. I've been going out to eat a lot lately, but it has meant lots of leftovers. I always try to save half of my meal when I go out, that way I get more bang for my buck. It had rained the day before so we were still enjoying slightly warmer weather. It has been such an odd Winter, freezing, warm, icy, snowy, rainy: make a decision Mother Nature!

I was supposed to be headed to the warmer weather in Florida tonight until next Monday! Unfortunately because of the blizzard, we had to push our flight to tomorrow afternoon. But I'm still so excited, just a little sad that we're losing a whole day! I'll be going to Disney and Universal and just relaxing.  The reason for the trip is yet another Harry Potter press event. Universal are holding another "Celebration of Harry Potter" which I attended last year as well. I have posts ready to go so you'll still get your dose of Megan! But be sure to keep up with my adventure on Instagram!

Top: thrifted (50 cents!), Sweater: abercrombie & fitch (thrifted), Jeans: Michael Kors (Marshalls), Boots: Chloe (Roundabout Resale), Necklace: Isabelle M (from Lydia)

On this particular day I decided to go back to my uniform. I had spent the few days previous getting out of my jeans + sweater rut but I can't resist the comfort for too long. I love this cashmere sweater from Everlane. I have been wanting to get another color for a while, maybe next month will be the time! Every once in a while they introduce a new set of colors into the mix so the burgundy is no longer available. But there are so many great colors out now.

Rather than putting on a necklace I decided to use my scarf as an accessory. Bonus - it kept my neck warm in the chilly weather! Remind me again why I never wear my scarves?

Sweater: Everlane, Jeans: Free People, Loafers: Burberry Prorsum (NET-A-PORTER End of Season Sale; same print different style), Scarf: NOMA (currently only $15.99!)

While this outfit may not look like anything special, it's definitely different for me. Devoted followers (hah!) will have noticed: I rarely wear low-cut/chest enhancing pieces. So this top is definitely reserved for my extra confident days. I've been trying to make myself step out of my comfort zone lately and ordered a fun camisole from Piperlime's sale to layer with.

As for my shoes? I could have worn these pants with flats, but heels make it so much more fun! Who cares if there's ice on the ground?! (don't worry, whenever I wear heels in the Winter I get to my location in boots or flats.)

Top: Proenza Schouler (Roundabout Resale), Pants: Glo (really old), Sweater: Phillip Lim x Target, Shoes: Miu Miu (eBay), Necklace: Bubu Ruby

Welcome the newest member of my closet - a gorgeous navy suede jacket! I scored this at T.J. Maxx for $80 after a $25 gift card, retail was $698, talk about a deal! I was deciding between this, a navy Rag & Bone 'Jett' blazer ($79, regular $495) and a burgundy/red Clements Ribeiro coat ($59). I decided the suede jacket was the best option because I already have plenty of coats and blazers and need a bit more navy in my life.

This hat from was my best friend last Winter.  I was still commuting to New York City 4 times a week and walking 1.5 miles in the freezing cold to the office, so this saved my from freezing my head off.  Normally it was paired with earmuffs, sunglasses and a huge scarf, but since I wasn't in the freezing temperatures when I wore this look I was able to wear it on it's own.

Jacket: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (TJ Maxx), Tee: Everlane, Jeans: Genetic Denim c/o Piperlime & Lucky Magazine, Mouse Flats: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop), Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Saks Fifth Avenue Friends & Family Sale), Necklace: House of Harlow c/o South Moon Under, Hat c/o Ricefield Collective

The only good thing about the rain was that the temperature was slightly warmer than it has been, so I didn't die without a coat taking these pictures.  I won this super amazing umbrella from Target a few months ago and never thought I would take pictures of it because I hate taking pictures in the rain. But last Monday I decided to take one for the team and take some rainy day photos! It's so sturdy and expensive looking, you would never know it was from Target. I'm not sure how many of these they made, but I do know they were only given as giveaway prizes. I do love an exclusive!

Umbrella: Altuzarra for Target (giveaway win), Sweater: August Silk (Marshalls), Jeans: Current/Elliott, Boots: Grandma's, Necklace: Marrin Costello

As many of my regular readers will know, I am very into muted colors, nothing too bright. I have two "neon" sweaters in my closet; this one and a green v-neck. Sometimes I just want to blind people with color! On this day I decided to tone it down a bit by pairing it with a grey vest.

Sweater: Madewell (Shopbop), Faux Fur Vest: Ella Moss (Marshalls), Jeans: Free People, Boots:  Eighteen 68 'Megan' (Gilt), Clutch c/o Soul Foundation 'Mulungi Collection', Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Henry Dinky' (Gilt)

Another attempt to stay warm but not wear jeans! I paired my Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress with my new sweater. The color of the sweater perfectly matched one of the colors in the print on the dress - score! Originally I was going to wear flat boots with this look but it made me look a little dumpy, the heeled boots solved that problem.  I also tried the outfit belted to add some definition, not sure how successful it was, but that's why we experiment! (hence why there are a lot of pictures from the same angles, to show the difference)

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg 'Zaina' (Coco's, more on ebay), Sweater: Cocogio (gift), Boots: Cordani (Roundabout Resale), Necklaces: BubuRuby & Isabella M (gift from Lydia), Rings: moms, vintage, Brilliant Imports & Marc by Marc Jacobs (TJ Maxx)

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