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I finally broke out my new Lanvin studded city sandals a couple weekends ago! I bought them back in January when I was getting a replacement pair of my suede Lanvin city sandals! I got both pairs for $120, far less than the $316 splurge on the originals in 2016 - still totally worth it for how much I wore/will wear them. I will still continue to wear the originals until they become too gross/broken. Don't you just love knowing you have a backup of one of your favorite items of clothing so you can wear it to death without worrying about replacing it?

I went with a simple outfit for a day of hanging out at my parents after a walk in the park. The weather is finally starting to stay nice so Christian and I will hopefully get back into our old walking habits. Although not every day since he works full time now.

Sweater: Everlane 'the cashmere crop v-neck', Jeans: IRO "Faxy Cropped Jean" (Gilt c/o Wikibuy), Sandals: Lanvin studded leather 'City' sandal (The RealReal), Bag: Chanel Classic 2.55 Double Flap (Madison Avenue Couture), Rings: Lumo 'Violet', vintage, Sunglasses: Gucci

Last weekend I attended an event at Conspiracy in Middletown, Connecticut. More on the restaurant after the outfit photos! I was at a loss for what to wear since it's been so cold lately and Lydia suggested I wear my Jason Wu dress since I posted it on Instagram on April 21st last year and the event was on the 22nd of April! Good enough reason for me, haha! Shoes were the next problem, I was thinking it would be chilly so I wore boots and am not sure I like how it looks. But I tried something different, so that's good.

Dress: Jason Wu Okal animal-print chiffon dress (Roundabout), Jacket: LAUREN Ralph Lauren (similar),  Bag: Dark Purple Chloé Faye (eBay), Boots: vintage (eBay), Sunglasses: Gucci, Eyeglasses chain: Tinksky (Amazon), Earrings: Mejuri 'Loop', Necklace: Pearls & Plaid (from Lydia), Rings: Lumo 'Violet', Mejuri 'Stellar', Moon Magic 'Eclipse', Moon Magic 'Petite Double'

Shop the look:

Conspiracy was opened 6 months ago by a husband and wife who are pediatricians by day, hidden gem bar owners at night. At the event we sampled some of their appetizers and drinks. I had the Rio Mule and, as a non-drinker, it was delicious. I actually drank almost all of it, which is a rarity for me since I prefer to slowly sip on drinks and rarely finish them.

Conspiracy is hard to find unless you know it's there. It's a small glass door that leads to a staircase up to the bar. The location is actually an old movie theater, so of course they have some fancy popcorn on the menu. The bar feels like an exclusive club where you need to know a password to get in. They also serve their drinks and food with mismatched serveware, which I found so fun and clever! You never know which cup or plate you'll get.

I wore this on a pretty nice Saturday to do some window shopping at IKEA, Best Buy and a few other random stores. The weather was great, but when we were taking these photos the wind decided to blow like crazy, so I got a bit chilly! Whoops! On the plus side, these mules I bought for $20 back in January are becoming a Spring staple. I just can't resist throwing them on at every chance I get! Maybe I should buy a backup I don't have Vince Camuto Davilla flashbacks when they start wearing out. (Still searching for a new pair because mine are slowly dying.)

Leopard Print Blouse: Equipment "Sophie" , Corduroy Pants: abercrombie, Suede Mules: Franco Sarto 'Dolly (DSW), Bag: Dark Purple Chloé Faye (eBay), Sunglasses: Gucci, Eyeglasses chain: Tinksky (Amazon),  Rings: Lumo 'Violet', Mejuri 'Stellar', Moon Magic 'Eclipse', Moon Magic 'Petite Double', vintage

P.S. 10 points if you got my Winnie the Pooh reference ;)
Sometimes experiments fail. Such was the case with these photos. We tried out some new techniques that were supposed to be better for sunny photos and sadly they didn't come out that great. The detail shots are perfect but the full body leave a bit to be desired.

Other times, experiments work! My photographer picked out this whole outfit for me and I think it looks pretty darn good. I may have suggested the boots as an option, but they had the final decision. Maybe I'll start a new series - Photographer's Choice. ;)

This jacket is one that my siblings and I gave to our mom for her birthday a few years ago. She decided a couple weeks ago that, even though she likes it, the jacket is just not her style since she feels too constricted in stiffer fabrics. So now it's mine!

Jacket: LAUREN Ralph Lauren (similar), Sweater: Everlane cashmere crew, Jeans: Everlane "The High-Rise Skinny Jean" in Mid-Blue, Boots: IMPO (DSW), Sunglasses: Gucci, Eyeglasses chain: Tinksky (Amazon), Bag: LAUREN Ralph Lauren, Rings: Lumo 'Violet', Mejuri 'Stellar', Moon Magic 'Eclipse', Moon Magic 'Petite Double'

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