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This post was made in collaboration with Lyst. I was compensated but all opinions are my own.

Are you a shoes or bag girl? Most people are one or the other. While I do skew more toward shoes I love a well-made handbag. (Ex: my Chanel and Emm Kuo splurges) I'm a huge Burberry fan and have a couple pairs of shoes by the brand, what I need next is a Burberry handbag! I'm not talking about the iconic Burberry plaid, I'd go for one of the more unique bags.

Sadly the ones I like are a bit expensive, but thanks to Lyst I can keep an eye on pieces I like and find out when they go on sale.  With Lyst you can follow your favorite brands and people to be the first to see the latest looks and lyst items you love to receive sale and stock alerts. I have emails set up for certain brands and items, which is a bad idea for my wallet but great for finding out when my favorite things are back in stock or go on sale.

I'm a big fan of brighter bags because they go with everything. So as you can see there's a bright purple Burberry bag below!

Other items: Coach sunglasses, Bing Bang ring, Lana Jewelry necklace, Ancient Greek Sandals 'Clio', Chloe camera bag, Sophie Hulme bag charm
* This post was made in collaboration with Lyst *

I am constantly window shopping and looking for pieces I would love to add to my closet. Lyst is a great way for me to organize those finds and keep an eye out for sales. From Isabel Marant to Saint Laurent, Lyst partners with over 12,000 brands so you're sure to find all your favorite designers and discover some new ones.

The more you use it, the better it understands what you like and what you don't so you never see brands you don't like and find more you will love. You can also follow people to see what they are adding to their Lysts, and they can follow you.

One of my favorite things about the site is when anything you've lysted goes on sale or comes back in stock anywhere you can be notified! That means you're made aware of sales of your favorite items even if it goes on sale at a store you've never heard of! Score!

In addition to an ever-green lyst of products that are new for you from all of the brands you love, there's also a dedicated editorial site - The LongLyst - that includes interviews with the fashion elite and those in the know as well as exploring the history of the world's most popular garments and an exploration of trends.

I've created my dream Wish Lyst for what I would love to add to my closet this Spring/Summer. I'm constantly adding more pieces, there's just so much to go through. I could look for days, weeks really...ha ha. Not good for a shopaholic, but I was never very good at resisting window shopping. View the full lyst here, and a teaser below. Apparently I'm very into prints and crop tops this year.

* This post was made in collaboration with Lyst *

I'm sure many of you have heard of Lyst, but for those of you that haven't here is a little lesson. Lyst allows you to follow your favorite brands (and people) so you can see their latest products and add them to 'lysts' which then allow you to receive sale and stock alerts for those items! You can search by designer or category and even specify if you want specific discounts (ex. 20% to 70% off.)

Today I decided to create a Lyst that contains couple looks styled around Michael Kors bags.  For my looks I decided to create some "Winter Warmth" outfits. It's getting very cold out there, but why sacrifice style for warmth, when you can have both!

The first look is styled around this gorgeous Burberry Prorsum coat! Because of it's extreme pattern and textures I decided on a more subdued bag to contrast against the darkness of the rest of the outfit. The fun thing about this jacket is I was able to use non-matching gloves and a hat because they still matched the jacket.

For outfit number two I wanted the bag to do the talking so I chose this gorgeous purple calf-hair bag by Michael Kors. To keep the focus on the bag I created a monochromatic look with all green pieces which work great with the purple/burgundy.

You can create as many lysts as you want and you can even make a "Cover photo" for them to be shown on your Lysts landing page.  You can also share your Lysts with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr so they can shop your picks! To further add to the fun, you can comment on Lysts with your thoughts!

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