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My ASOS order arrived yesterday!  Everything fits great which is good because I was a bit nervous.  I went wild when I took my picture of the sweater and wore my bright pink bra since that's apparently the stylish thing to do. But I wouldn't be brave enough to go out in public like that even though I like it when other bloggers do it, ha ha. [Do you like my mock-heel pose? I was too lazy to put on shoes]

I'm pretty sure I am going to keep the Oasis dress [the floral one] for my High Tea dress and return the other one (even though its really nice).  My ideal shoe would be these gorgeous Miu Mius but I just can't do it...I want to splurge SOOOO bad but I need to resist...even if they are perfect and classic and gorgeous XD What do you guys think...would they be a good investment shoe? I don't really own any plain pumps (not even black *gasp*) My mom would murder me if I did it though, ha ha...I'd never be able to go through with it anyway, I talk big but then I chicken out.
I could get these similar ones from Target...but its just not the same so I don't think I would ever be totally happy with them...I'm sure I can find better ones eventually, haha...
I was kindly sent this very cute dress from a new store, álainn • bella (run by a New Yorker named Megan), to style for the blog.  Its not much of a winter piece but I've styled it so it can be worn now.  I don't normally do strapless dresses because 1. I'm nervous they'll fall down and 2. They make my shoulders look even wider than they are. But this one stays up quite nicely because of an elastic that goes around the top; it is also VERY soft, the fabric is great.  It will be perfect for wearing over a bathing suit for the beach. are a few looks I put together with it:  (pretend my leggings are grey tights...haha)
Megan has also given me a coupon code for all you lovely readers to enjoy!  So enter code closetfashionista to receive 15% off full priced merchandise! Here are some other items from the store that I have my eyes on...maybe I'll use the code too ;)
Finally, here's a mini interview I had with Megan.

1. Why did you decide to start your store?
The decision to open the store was actually a snap decision. I wanted to be able to work for myself, and it was really the only thing I could imagine myself doing considering I am a shopaholic.

2. What do you look for in the items you stock?
Whenever I’m choosing the items for the store, I really only pick things that I personally would wear. But my style is diverse so I don’t ever intend to have all items that would be considered one type of style (i.e. Tough, feminine, etc). I try to get a good mix of classics and trends as well, but even when buying trends I try to get refined ones so the even when the trend is long gone you can still wear it. Because who wants to spend money on something that will be out in a few months time? I want my money to be well spent and I know I’m not alone in that.

3. What are your long term goals for the store?
Eventually I would like to open a brick and mortar location, ideally in NYC.

4. Who do you imagine the girl that shops at Alainn Bella is? Girly? Grungy? a Mix?
I think a mix. I don’t know too many people who are 100% style specific.
When I came home from school today I was greeted by tons of mail!  I had: Vogue, Teen Vogue, order: Back to the Future 1-3, No Reservations, Alice in Wonderland, and The Princess and the Frog, & Classy (I'll do a post dedicated to that soon!) some junk mail & my order from The Outnet!
Sadly, my Karl Lagerfeld jeans didn't fit, so I've listed them on eBay, you can buy them now or make an offer, they retailed for $200! (my butt looked cute, but sadly they wouldn't button, & were too long)

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