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I originally wasn't going to do a yearly roundup post, but after seeing everyone else do them it made me change my mind. So be prepared for a long, photo-heavy post! I had to split it in half because, as usual, I couldn't narrow it down enough. And this doesn't even count all my This Week in Fashion posts...







And here's a video bonus! My "Ode to Blazers" post from March. I've probably added at least 4 since this video...oops

Happy 2014 everyone!!! 
I hope 2013 was good to you and 2014 is even better!

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Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

2012 was full of fun events like LuckyFABB and adventures with friends, like my second trip to London (more) for the opening of the Harry Potter Studio Tour and camping!

Then there were also the family vacations to Myrtle Beach and my cousin's wedding, definitely some great memories.

I also left my old job and started a new one, which is still growing and changing with each day.

I am looking forward to see how much my life changes over the next year. It's going to be crazy!

What are your most memorable 2012 moments?
Happy New Years Eve!!!!  I hope you all have wonderful plans tonight, normally I spend it with my family and/or have a Disney movie marathon.  My life is quite exciting (*sarcasm*), but I really do enjoy just being lazy.  I prefer it to being out and about with tons of people around.

However, this year, And Other Brands let me borrow this gorgeous dress by Oasis for the holiday so I think I may have to go out to let it have a night on the town.  Unfortunately it isn't available on the site anymore but they have tons of other great dresses. (yes, I would be crazy to go tightless, but really, you could run from the car to the house and be fine)

Dress: Oasis borrowed ($160), Jacket: old, Heels: Lanvin (Roundabout Consignments) $82, Watch c/o Caravelle by Bulova, Perfume: Marc Jacobs Dot, Lipstick: M·A·C 'Marilyn Monroe'

Song of the Day - Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Today is the big one, my favorite outfits from all my This Week in Fashion posts. They go in order from January - December, so you can see how my style has changed, or not...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far!

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