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If you're anything like me during this period of self-isolation you're getting a little stir crazy being inside all day.  I haven't left my house in 3 weeks, the last time I ventured out I didn't leave the car. I tagged along as Christian went to a garden store to buy some soil for our vegetable garden. So technically it's been 4 weeks since I went out in public.

I'm a big movie watcher, as evidenced by my movies seen list, so that's how I've been spending a lot of my free time outside work.  When I say movie watcher I don't necessarily mean I'm seeing every movie that's released. I'm picky with my genres and I enjoy going through old movies to watch the classic actors. But I won't be watching many scary movies or thrillers.

TCM is a great source for watching older movies. Luckily I can use my parents cable login to use TCM's ROKU TV app. You can also use PlutoTV for free and numerous other smart TV apps (Tubi, Roku Channel, etc.)

If there's a movie you're interested in make sure to check for it on JustWatch, it shows where the movie is currently available for streaming. Sadly it doesn't include some of those free apps.

Today I'm going to share some movies that never fail to cheer me up when I'm feeling down.  This list won't include Disney movies because the list would never end.  It also doesn't include some of my favorite series like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars because those aren't exactly "feel good" movies, haha. I'm trying not to share too many so this list isn't fully complete.

I'm sure you've seen a bunch of these already, but that's the point, they're movies you can come back to time and again for comfort.

The Princess Bride (1987)

I could watch this movie every day and never get bored. You would think with a name like The Princess Bride it would be a chick flick, but this movie is loved by men and women alike. My whole family is obsessed with this movie and we quote it often. Do yourself a favor and watch it if you've never seen it. And read the book! The author wrote the screenplay so it's surprisingly accurate.

A Knight's Tale (2001)

Ahh, Heath Ledger. This is my favorite of his films, so endearing! (Although he's amazing in The Dark Knight as well.) I remember the first time I watched this I was at a sleepover with my sister and our two friends and I didn't want to watch because it sounded stupid and I didn't like the picture on the box. Boy how wrong I was!

Little Women (1994)

A classic if there ever was one, Little Women always soothes my soul. My sister and I had the biggest crushes on Christian Bale in this movie when we were young. Now that I'm older I'm in love with the soundtrack. (The new Greta Gerwig version is also really good, but this one remains my favorite of the film adaptions. Not a huge fan of the 2 super old ones)

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

You can't go wrong with Jane Austen. This movie is so beautifully shot with an amazing soundtrack it's hard to not fall in love. (Funnily enough, this trailer uses a bit of a song from Little Women! Only for a quick moment, but as I said, I love that soundtrack so it was easy to pick out)

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella (1997)

There are so many versions of Cinderella out there, this is by far one of my favorites. The cast, the songs, the costumes! Perfection. You won't stop singing the songs after you watch. I still remember watching this for the first time in my living room in 1997. It aired on a Saturday night as one of ABC's "Wonderful World of Disney" movies.

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

I can't mention I like classic movies without putting one on this list. Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant star in this comedy involving a leopard that still makes me laugh every time. One time I even counted how many times Susan says "David" in the movie and shared it on Instagram. (Spoiler alert: it's 168)

You've Got Mail (1998)

I have to include a Meg Ryan movie! You've Got Mail has to be my favorite. Who didn't dream of finding love through AOL back in the day? It could go horribly wrong, but in this movie it all goes right (mostly, hah!)

Honorable Mentions

Today I decided to feature a fashion-ish related movie!  Model Behavior was a Disney Channel Original Movie back in 2000. Sadly it's not available on DVD and I am DYING to own it since it is one of my favorite movies from when I was younger...hopefully Disney figures out that fans want this movie.
Alex Burroughs is a shy, insecure girl who, while helping her father with his catering business at a party, meets Janine Adams, the teen model of the time. Meanwhile, Janine is fed up with her mother Deirdre not being home when she has her first book signing, because her little brother Max is going on a publicity tour. Through a strange coincidence the two girls realize they look so much alike that they decide to swap places for a while
The movie stars Maggie Lawson as Alex and Janine and Justin Timberlake as Jason. Sadly Justin COULD NOT act when he was in this movie, happily he has improved with time. But it is so funny to watch how bad he is in this movie, makes me giggle.

Sadly I couldn't even find the trailer, but the movie is available on YouTube so you can watch Part 1 below (the rest of the movie is with the same user)

This week's movie is an oldie but a goodie! The Last Unicorn came out in 1982 and features the voices of Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, Jeff Bridges, Angela Lansbury and the music of America.  The movie follows the story of a unicorn who finds out she is the last of her kind, so she sets off to King Haggard's kingdom to find the Red Bull who supposedly led all the other unicorns away.  This movie is so funny and also a bit scary at some times, at least when you are 10 years old and watching it. She encounters a magician, an old witch, a story-telling butterfly, talking cat, crazy skeleton and many more interesting characters.

This is definitely one of my favorite movies, even if it is a bit odd. But I think that is precisely the reason I like it so much.  So have you seen it?!  If not, do it!

[I scheduled this last night, but we still have power...for now]

Here we are with the second installment of Obscure Movies! Today I'm featuring a movie based on the classic story of King Arthur and Merlin! But in this case it is after Merlin is gone and Arthur is an old man. It's called A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, came out in 1995 and stars Thomas Ian Nicholas as well as more well known actors Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet!
Young Calvin Fuller is pulled into King Arthur's court by Merlin. His mission: to save Camelot. To do this he must overcome the villain known as Lord Belascoe, train to become a knight, and rescue the Princess Katherine whom he has fallen in love with him. Ultimately, He must help Arthur regain his confidence before he can go home.
This movie is quite amusing and those of you who are around my age will find some pretty funny things in it...such as the CD Walkman, roller blades and so many other things that were popular when we were younger!

So run to see the movie and if you don't watch it, run and don't stop until thou reachest KUKAMUNGA!!! (haha...when you see the movie you'll understand)

A while ago I mentioned on my Facebook that I was thinking of featuring some of my favorite movies that are a bit less well known (as well as some of my favorites that are popular).  I might do it every Sunday, or every once in a while...we'll see how long I last.

The first movie I'm featuring is The Ugly Dachshund.  It is a live-action Disney film that came out in 1966, it stars Dean Jones, Suzanne Pleshette and, of course, Brutus the dog!  The synopsis is as follows:
Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette star in this Walt Disney family comedy as Mark and Fran Garrison, a dog-loving couple with different tastes in canines. When their dachshund gives birth to puppies, kindly veterinarian Dr. Pruitt (Charlie Ruggles) convinces Mark to take a Great Dane puppy home with him. The Great Dane, named Brutus, grows up with the tiny pups convinced that he's also a dachshund. Brutus's confused identity sets the stage for a number of mildly comic bits -- he chases policemen up trees, destroys Mark's studio, and ruins a garden party. Fran finally tells Mark that Brutus has to go, but changes her tune when Brutus saves Fran's favorite dachshund puppy, Chloe, from a scrap heap. When Fran announces that she is entering Chloe in a dog show, Mark secretly enters Brutus in the same contest in an effort to convince Brutus to think like a Great Dane.
This movie is SO hilarious and is a great family film as well.  So have you seen it?!  And if you do watch it after reading this post, let me know what you think! :D

Watch the trailer below:

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