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Whenever someone comes to my house they ask to see my room. Why all the curiosity? That would be because my room is approximately 9ft by 8ft. When I moved in with my cousins almost 2 years ago I went from having a small bedroom and a whole room for a closet when I lived in a small beach house with my friend.  Fitting in all my clothes and furniture was no small feat. I ended up having to put my blazers in our hallway closet for one.

But you know what, I LOVE my tiny room. It's so cozy. And after getting a lofted bed last year I am able to fit most of my stuff quite nicely with help from my shoe bookshelf, a few dressers and a shelving unit. I think after a few more adjustments the room will be perfect. A couple fun throw pillows, like these found at Parachute, would be a welcome addition for my bedding. Perhaps with a beautiful cashmere throw for those cold Winter nights.

Now that I've waxed on about my room and all the storage, here are some photos to show it off!  How does it look?

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