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Seasons come and go and so do the seasonal fashion trends. It is difficult to continuously keep up with all the different new styles, hypes and ins and outs - especially when you have to be careful with your money. So it is important to have some timeless fashion pieces hanging in your closet that you can mix and match with anything that you like. In the end, a few enduring wardrobe essentials go a long way. Here is a list of staples for you.

Purchase a timeless timepiece
A timeless timepiece might sound like a little bit of a contradiction, but a watch is one of the very few items that bucks all talk of seasonal trends. Pick a watch that will work with any outfit, and that reflects your personality and personal style.

Get inspired by the motorcycle look
Bomber jackets and biker jackets have never gone out of fashion. They started gaining attention in the early fifties, where actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean wore them on the big screen, and ever since they have been a popular style staple for both women and men. They will complete any summer outfit, and they are great for the autumn too! You can purchase some beautiful and affordable biker jackets from New look.
James Dean photo source

Complete your collection of black-and-white basics
By black-and-white basics I mean almost all everyday clothing items, as these shades are easy to combine with any outfit, and you will always look on-point and classy in them. My top choice would be black pants, preferably skinny jeans or wool blend trousers. Black-and-white tank tops too can be worn with, and under, almost any outfit that you choose to wear. If your black-and-white basics game is on trend, then you will be able to complete any look!

Buy a stylish wallet that fits your style
As read on, think of your wallet as a direct reflection of how you manage your lifestyle. Seeing as you use your wallet on multiple occasions a day, in locations such as stores, restaurants and public transport, having a purse that you feel confident about will make you feel great all day long.

Get yourself a LBD
Many women and fashion designers think of a little black dress as the most essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe. It is mentioned so often in books, magazines and on runway interviews. The little black cocktail dress even has its own abbreviation and had many songs written about it. Let style icons like Edith Piaf and Coco Chanel inspire you and find a gorgeous LBD for yourself!
Audrey Hepburn Image Source

This is a guest post; the copy was written by an outside source but I provided imagery. I was compensated in exchange for posting, but it met my standards.
I am taking a break from my usual style of posting today to talk to you all about a basic item every girl needs, the basic t-shirt!  The main questions most people ask are: where do you buy this shirt, and what is the right price?  This may come as a shock to you all, seeing as I am known for being cheap, but my new motto is buy designer pieces that will last years rather than settling for cheaper pieces at poorer quality.

Many will say "It's just a t-shirt, why should I spend a fortune on it when I can get 5 from Forever 21 for the price of 1 somewhere else?" My reply to them would simply be, "Because you get what you pay for." I used to be in the cheaper is better boat, but I have since changed my ways.  Before we get to where to buy your basics let's talk about why you shouldn't buy them at fast fashion stores for cheap.

One of the more obvious reasons is because of the conditions the clothes are made in so you can get them so cheap. I won't get into that, but check out this post at Style Porn who did a post about human costs last week. (that isn't to say that some high end designers don't also have poor working conditions, but we won't get into that.)

My reason for no longer shopping at fast fashion stores is because of quality. Quite some time ago I bought a tee at Forever 21 for $5, and after one wash it was ruined, now it sits in my closet unworn. I don't even want to wear it under a sweater or blazer because it is uncomfortable.  It shrunk and many of the seams are distorted. This has happened to numerous items I've purchased from Forever 21, such as tank tops. See photos below:
Last weekend I headed to Marshall's not intending on buying anything and I walked away with 2 new t-shirts and a tank top because I am in desperate need of quality basics. When you find deals like I did you need to pounce.  I spent a bit more than I would have liked but I know it will pay off when the shirts last for years.  They are made from better materials and won't distort as you wash them so they will last for many many washes as opposed to a couple if you buy from Forever 21.  The fit is also WAY better when you buy from a designer because they take great care in details like shoulder seams and necklines.

In a way you are spending money to save money.  As I've posted before we need to think about cost per wear.  You can wear these tops numerous times, meaning the cost per wear can go down to way under $1 per wear. If you buy from fast fashion stores you only get a couple wears out of the item before it is rendered useless. This is not to say that you should spend $100 on a t-shirt, but if you can and want to, be my guest!  There are ways to get designer pieces cheap. I bought the following at Marshall's:

Michael Kors Tee: $20 (retail price $50)
Tahari Tee: $16 (retail price $70)
Ellen Tracy Tank: $12 (retail $25)

See the difference between the Forever 21 and Michael Kors here:

So you see, you can get designer pieces for fast fashion prices if you know where to go. My suggestions are Marshall's, TJ Maxx and occasionally Burlington Coat Factory if you live in the United States.  Unfortunately I don't know of similar stores around the world, except for TK Maxx in the UK.  If you know of any feel free to post them in the comments and I'll add them to the bottom of this post!

If you don't mind paying full price I have heard great things about J.Crew's tees, though I haven't purchased them myself yet.  Where do you buy your shirts?

I also suggest buying tees in whatever colors you wear, not necessarily the "white t-shirt," which so many say is the ultimate basic. I am more apt to wear black, purple, and even pink over white.  I plan on buying them in colors that compliment the rest of my wardrobe. I now have pink and tangerine in better quality and I need to start replacing/buying other colors such as black, brown, blue and purple.  What colors do you need?

Where to shop:

  • TJ Maxx
  • Marshall's
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • TK Maxx
  • Winners
Others will be added as readers post suggestions

[this post was not sponsored by Marshall's or TJ Maxx, I just enjoy shopping there]
Here's the second edition of Perfect Basics! Today I'm going with a "classic" (*see below) item that many women lust over: The Black Christian Louboutin pump! There are many different styles of these so whenever I save up all the money for these babies I'll have to go to a store and try them all on to see what looks best. But just looking online I have fallen in love with these Leather Platform Pumps, they are just PERFECT! The price on the other hand, at $795, is not so perfect. *sigh*
I'm not sure I'm quite ready to drop this much money on a pair of shoes yet, but they will last a long time and they are timeless so I can wear them until I am an old woman (except they are a bit tall so I'm not sure about that...I could get the non-platform version though). These are definitely going to have to be on a MAJOR sale before I buy them, but a girl can dream.

But on the other hand, I could settle for these gorgeous Miu Mius that are $200 less,  but in this case I think I may want to spend the extra for the Louies.  I can get something else Miu Miu ;)

*UPDATE: I should note that when I do these perfect basics posts they are more specified towards me and what I tend to wear. Your basics may be totally different than mine, and that's what is so great about fashion! :D P.S. Check out this article on "Classics" That Emily sent me ;)
I decided I would start blogging when I find pieces that I want to add to my wardrobe as part of my new style philosophy. As I said mostly I wear dresses, jeans and blazers. So having a variety of those would be good. I do go a bit wild with my shoes and don't even have a pair of basic black pumps.  But today I decided to showcase an accessory that is really lacking in my wardrobe: a watch.

I have one other watch that I got from The Outnet after my shoot but it is brown and teal, not exactly basic.  I decided on the Rose Gold Michael Kors watch (or maybe the Marc Jacobs version). Since it isn't silver or normal gold it will go with ANYTHING so it will last forever.  There are 2 versions of the watch and I chose the slightly smaller one (by .5cm, ha ha.)

I won't be getting it for a while, but it is on my list of needed items, so it's only a matter of time.  It will take me a while to get used to the idea of spending $250 on a watch but I need to remind myself that I will wear it every day and it will last a long time. It definitely meets the requirements of my $1 per wear rule.

For those of you that don't know, the rule is: price of item÷ by number of times worn= true cost ;) Even the DKNY PR Girl uses this system, check out our tweets discussing it below.

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