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Okay, as you guys know I went to New York City on Friday for The Outnet's Blogger Dress Up event!  I still can't say much but I will post the preview shots they posted of me at the end of this post. And I will say that I was invited along with 15 (I think) other bloggers to style a couple looks with clothes from The Outnet.  I'll post full details soon, aka when I am sent the photos from my shoot and get the okay to post them! :D

The weather was supposed to be rainy and gross, but the fashion gods smiled on us and the weather was great! We walked to and from the shoot which was 2 miles each way, so my feet died, but it was fun.  We even stopped at Mood, but forgot to take a photo there! POOO! But we got some fabric, my mom is making a skirt for me and a dress for herself that I can borrow.  Yesterday I woke up and my butt, hips and feet were killing me, even my cheeks were hurting (probably from smiling so much)...the perils of spending a day in the city.  ;)

Before I get to the preview photos, here are some shots from my walk in New York [click to make them larger]...sorry they're random sizes and ordered weird, I didn't want the post to be super long.
And here are the preview shots that were posted on Friday. Click to make them larger. =)
Photos courtesy of The Outnet!

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