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Yesterday I was a bad girl and I spent $29! My mom asked if I wanted to take a ride to Home Goods with her, and I like any excuse to shop.  While we were there I decided I needed a cute chair and desk for my computer since now I use a TV Dinner Tray and an old icky chair :p  So I'm on the hunt for to the meaning of this post: After Home Goods we decided to take a trip to Marshall's.

I found a ton of cute dresses on clearance & bought this gorgeous dress by Theory!  It retails for $295 & I paid $29, HELLO BARGAIN!  I almost didn't get it, but then I figured if I could just put it on eBay if I changed my mind. Now that I have it home I can't bear to sell it, its adorable! Its a little dressy for where I work, but I'll still wear it a LOT anyway (who cares if they think I'm crazy?)! (there is one on eBay if you're interested, otherwise it isn't available anymore).
Dress: Theory from Marshall's $29
Tights: ? $?
Wedges: Simply Vera $16

Also, I have sadly decided to sell this Max Studio dress I got at the beginning of the summer. I have yet to wear it so I figure that is a bad sign, I like it but it just doesn't fit with my style anymore, haha.  It's brand new with tags and a size Small so make an offer if you are interested, it retails for $98! After a few days I'm going to put it on eBay. Click to make it LOTS bigger.

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I just added a pair of jeans to the Closet Fashionista Shop!
This is a double duty post.  First I want to tell you all about a fun site I found a few years ago called! They sell really fun graphic t-shirts that are designed by the customers!  You submit your design and people vote on it and if it gets really good scores they will print it!  Check it out!

Since I am now poor from buying my car I've decided to sell a few of the shirts I don't wear anymore to get some money to put towards the car.  I'm keeping 6 of them since I can't bear to part with those, ha ha. I'm hoping to sell them for $10 each since they've only been worn once or twice, but if you like one you can make an offer!  Shipping will be $5 for US and $15 for the rest of the world (Priority mail).  The following are what I'm selling, they are in different sizes because some of them were sold out in my size so I got what I thought would fit best ;) (you can click the photos and they will take you to threadless to see them on site)


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