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Last week designer Allison Beal of StyleSaint invited me to chat and view some pieces from her new line.  I even got to try on a few pieces, 2 of which I will (hopefully) be purchasing soon.  Some key notes to know about the brand:
  • Though not all the materials are from the US, each piece is made ethically in Los Angeles. 
  • They are made in the same factory as Rag + Bone, The Row and more!
  • Many of the pieces are handmade to allow for a more intricate piece.
    For Example: the camisoles have a super thin strap that cannot be done by a machine. (they also look amazing, super soft and flattering)
  • By bypassing the middleman, StyleSaint offers you the same quality pieces for far less than other designers.
    For Example: A camisole that they sell for $42 could cost upwards of $190
  • Allison also writes a Magazine for the company that you can subscribe to here
My favorite pieces were the Silk Mosaic Scallop Skirt and Sophie Shell. I was able to try them on and the quality is superb. They are both made from silk chiffon and the print was inspired by "Tear Sheets" that are created by the StyleSaint Society, which you can join!  All the pieces created by Allison are inspired by the Society so you are helping to create the pieces you buy.
For the new season StyleSaint is offering a myriad of gorgeous lace pieces including a thicker lace for Fall which is created by embroidering on lace. One of the pieces I was able to see was the Saint Celine lace dress which features a deep v in the back as well as a form-fitting, bustier-style slip to go underneath.  The slip is amazing quality and a perfect fit for under the dress.
Allison even told me a great story about how quickly she can change things because she isn't working seasons ahead like most designers.  The first item they released was the Saint Augustine dress in black and a few customers reached out to let her know they felt the straps and hem were a bit too long on the dress. She was able to stop production right away and within 48 hours was producing the dress with a shorter hem and strap length. That would not be possible if her items were made in bulk months before being sold.

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