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Back in July I filmed a television segment for the show Extreme Cheapskates. First of all, I never thought I would be doing that (read: I am super shy, so talking to a camera used to be out of the question.) Second, it was quite the experience seeing how "reality" shows are created.  Lydia was asked to be on the show so they could showcase the thriftiness that makes her so awesome. Then they asked if she had a friend that would consent to tagging along on a shopping trip with her to be "taught her ways."  She finds amazing pieces for great prices so she doesn't break the bank to make an outfit.

The episode aired almost exactly a month ago, and let me tell you, it has been rather interesting seeing the reaction. A few of my family members just happened to have the show on and saw me, so they called my Mom to tell her how excited they were.  And I told a select few family and friends since I wasn't sure how dumb I was going to look.

See all the pictures from our photoshoot over at Lydia's blog!

(yes, I'm wearing my own shoes and jewelry in most of the looks as well as my own jeans. AND I kept the kimono top/silk top we found at Good Will because it was a fun look!)

Look #1: Top: Silk Road via Goodwill Outlet, Floral Kimono: Sonnetts Design - Rhode Island via Goodwill Outlet, Jeans: Mother c/o Marshalls, Pumps: Manolo Blahnik via Roundabout, Clutch: via Goodwill Outlet

Look #2: Leopard Sweater: Jones New York via Goodwill Outlet, Black Pleated Skirt: Vintage via Goodwill Outlet, Black Pumps: Dolce & Gabbana via Uptown Consignment, Leather Portfolio Clutch: via Goodwill Outlet

And here's a small piece of our segment. Ha ha.
A video posted by Megan (@closet_fashion) on
My favorite television show, BBC's Merlin, is finally back on in the USA for it's 4th season and Friday was the second episode. [it airs Friday at 10 on SyFy for those of you that want to watch]  I can barely look away from the tv when it's on, which is a rare feat...  I could have watched it along with the folks in the UK, but I prefer to watch it legally, ha ha. So if you watch it and have seen the full 4th season DON'T SPOIL ME! :p Do you watch Merlin?

I have been obsessed with this show since the first episode aired for a few reasons 1. I love the King Arthur legend, 2. The boys are cute and 3. The clothes the girls wear!  Since this is a fashion blog I should probably show you the pretty clothes (and perhaps a few of the handsome gents as well)

Katie McGrath plays Morgana and Angel Coulby plays Gwen. Sorry for the photospam, couldn't pick my favorites...
And here are some of the sexy gentlemen [my favorite 3]: Merlin (Colin Morgan), Arthur (Bradley James) and Gwaine (Eoin Macken).

And as some added cuteness the little boy who is in Hugo was in the show:
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