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*This post is a collaboration with Material Wrld. I was not paid for this post, but I will receive a commission if you sign up through my link (you'll get an extra $25 on your first trade in)*

Let's talk about closet clean-outs. No one likes doing it because the process takes a long time and you have to part with pieces that may be sentimental. But, what if you could give your clothes a new life AND get gift cards to your favorite stores for trading in your unwanted pieces? That's exactly what luxury fashion trade-in service Material Wrld wants to do for you! Some background information on the company is as follows:
Material Wrld’s mission is to create an ecosystem where we can enjoy shopping quality products with the comfort of knowing that each item we chose to buy can always find a new home. We are reinventing the shopping experience for consumers and retailers alike by making it as easy to trade-in as it is to shop new, while extending the fashion lifecycle of high quality pieces and reducing its environmental impact.

Material Wrld makes it easy for busy women to instantly refresh their closets and shop new at their favorite retailers and brands, including Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Barneys.
Our complimentary trade-in service with high-touch concierge offerings and upfront retail partner gift cards make it seamless for our customers to:
  • Refresh their closet and make space for new clothing 
  • Extend the luxury fashion lifecycle and reduce its environmental impact
  • Do Good While You Shop: MW matches a percentage of each gift card offer as a contribution to your charity of choice.
I tested out the easy three-step process and am pleased with the outcome. My only issue was the accepted brands. I realize items need to be super luxury, but I only had a limited amount of designers to send in. This won't be a one-stop trade-in for most people, but definitely a good choice for those higher end designer pieces! If you want to try it out for yourself sign up through this link or use code MEGANB989 to get an extra $25 on your first trade-in!

Three days after my items arrived at their destination I received an offer of $119, they would take 6 of the 12 items I sent in. Not bad! I knew I was DEFINITELY going to lose money on some pieces, but that's the price I pay for being blinded by labels/pretty clothes and buying them even though I know I'll barely wear them. Here is the breakdown

  • Burberry Dress (Vintage Purple Pleated Long Sleeve Dress)
    OFFER: $25 
  • Miu Miu Blouse (Purple Floral Print Cotton Shirt)
    OFFER: $16
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Top (Beige Red Floral Print Camisole)
    OFFER: $15
  • Proenza Schouler Top (Deep Purple Pleated Short Sleeve Knit Top)
    OFFER: $28
  • Theory Dress (Purple Tiered Sleeveless Ponte Dress)
    OFFER: $15
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Skirt (Vintage Umber Orange Suede Flare Skirt)
    OFFER: $20
  • Marc Jacobs Denim Jacket (not accepted)
  • Valentino Knit Camisole Top  (not accepted)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Dark Navy Tee  (not accepted)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs White Print Tee  (not accepted)
  • Equipment Purple Blouse  (not accepted)
  • Balenciaga Pants (not accepted)
(rounded up to $100 because I chose Shopbop and they only give gift cards in $10 increments)

In the end I decided to keep the Proenza top because I still like it and can make myself wear it. Maybe in a few more months I'll be willing to part with it for the $28 (assuming I get the same offer a second time.) I was unsure about letting go of my Theory dress since I still think it's really cute, but I only wore it twice, so in the end had to let it go. Hopefully it will find a new owner who gives it more love than I did.

I also decided to donate one of my pieces rather than having it sent back to me, this way Material Wrld can donate it to Dress For Success or Goodwill. They also match 1% of each fashion gift card’s value in donations to a deserving charity.

What's really great about this process is that even though I gave up items they will have a new life and a new owner rather than ending up in a land-fill. Material Wrld call this "extending the fashion lifecycle."  See their illustration of that idea here:
image via Material Wrld

To learn more about their charitable work and why you should trade-in, visit this page.

After accepting my offer it took 2 business days to get my gift card emailed to me, easy as pie! Can't wait to spend my gift card at Shopbop, going to think long and hard about what to get so I don't end up trying to sell it in a year or two. The items that were not accepted are due to be returned today. After all is said and done the whole process from sending in items to getting them returned will have taken 8 days.

All in all, the process was simple and I got a fair price for the items. I wasn't expecting big money because the pieces I sent in were quite unique. While I may have made more money selling the items myself on eBay, the ease in which I was able to get rid of the items through Material Wrld is worth losing a little bit of cash, if only to get the items out of my closet sooner.

Enjoy this quick video I made showing the process! 

As a farewell, here are some photos of the pieces in action (except the JPG top which I was never brave enough to wear)

Yesterday net-a-porter added new products and made further reductions to their End of Season sale, now prices are up to 70% off!!!  I made another purchase with the store credit I had from returning the Valentino shoes that were too small (but those are reduced now so if you like them: RUN, BUY, RUN!)  I bought the following, click to go to the product pages:
The Burberry Prorsum sweater was a splurge, again, but I've wanted it since I saw it on the runway. I may return the Splendid sweater but it looks soooo comfy! And the OAK top was a nice deal at only $18! SCORE! I'm a shopaholic, what can I say?

And here are are some of my picks from the new items and reduced items, click the images to visit the product pages! Make sure to check out Part 1 too because many of those items have been reduced!
Did you buy anything in the sale yet? If you still want something don't miss out! The items are selling fast!
I can't hold you all in suspense any longer, so here is the reveal of the items I posted yesterday! A few people guessed some stuff right, so yay for you! I didn't think people would actually like the post, glad I went through with it, haha.  I can't remember prices for most of them, so I guessed.  Be prepared to see these pieces a lot!

American Eagle Sweater ($20?): I got this a few years ago and it has gotten lots of use. It is sooo comfortable, and its my favorite color ;)
Charlotte Russe Skirt ($20?) I got this to wear two Christmases ago and sadly it hasn't been worn since. But this year that will change when I pair it with tights and my awesome No.704b. booties!
Kelly and Katie Boots ($40?) I got these as a Christmas gift last year and I LOVE them.  They are very comfortable and can give dresses an edgier look!
Marc Jacobs Jacket ($80) This was one of my first designer "splurges" (even though it was way cheaper than retail). I had been looking for it for a few years since Emma Watson wore it in grey and finally found it in my size on eBay in 2006 so I scooped it up, it arrived 2 days before Christmas, so of course I wore it on Christmas.  I wear this SOO much, good thing velvet is one of the major trends this season!
Moschino Cheap & Chic Blazer ($32) One of the items you guys have seen on the blog already but I haven't worn it yet.  I am so excited to pair this with dresses, jeans, and whatever else I fancy! (Someone on eBay is trying to get it from me, but I won't take them up on their offer unless they are willing to pay A LOT more than I paid ;) ) I can't wait to wear this!
Theory Dress ($29) My most recent purchase and definitely a bargain!  I am going to wear this to work alot even though it is a bit dressy. Everyone at work already knows I'm a fashion geek so they are used to weird pieces. So I figure why not just wear whatever I want since they think I'm coocoo already.
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Yesterday I was a bad girl and I spent $29! My mom asked if I wanted to take a ride to Home Goods with her, and I like any excuse to shop.  While we were there I decided I needed a cute chair and desk for my computer since now I use a TV Dinner Tray and an old icky chair :p  So I'm on the hunt for to the meaning of this post: After Home Goods we decided to take a trip to Marshall's.

I found a ton of cute dresses on clearance & bought this gorgeous dress by Theory!  It retails for $295 & I paid $29, HELLO BARGAIN!  I almost didn't get it, but then I figured if I could just put it on eBay if I changed my mind. Now that I have it home I can't bear to sell it, its adorable! Its a little dressy for where I work, but I'll still wear it a LOT anyway (who cares if they think I'm crazy?)! (there is one on eBay if you're interested, otherwise it isn't available anymore).
Dress: Theory from Marshall's $29
Tights: ? $?
Wedges: Simply Vera $16

Also, I have sadly decided to sell this Max Studio dress I got at the beginning of the summer. I have yet to wear it so I figure that is a bad sign, I like it but it just doesn't fit with my style anymore, haha.  It's brand new with tags and a size Small so make an offer if you are interested, it retails for $98! After a few days I'm going to put it on eBay. Click to make it LOTS bigger.

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