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Showing posts with label Valentine's Day. Show all posts
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Since I don't have a Valentine, you are ALL my Valentine whether you like it or not ;) I hope you all have a lovely day with your loved ones doing things you love! (lots of love in that sentence). I have another post coming in a few minutes that you will all LOVE, so check back!
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Oh! Almost forgot...last week I won $100 to ShopBop from Mode Junkie and with it I got some Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses! WOOT!  And I have $15 leftover.  Also I won SHE's e.l.f. giveaway (actually...I was the second winner since the first never replied).  So thanks to both of them! :D
(the thing underneath  the sunglasses is a hint at what is coming up in my next post)
Last week I got an email from Net-A-Porter telling me about their Valentine's Day shop, but I figured I would wait until it was actually February to post about it. I am not much of a Valentine's Day fan since I've never had a Valentine :( but I do love me some red and pink clothes/accessories!!  So here are some cute items from that section so you can give your significant other some hints; or if you, like me, won't have a Valentine you can get it for yourself!  Click the images to learn more and to buy!
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And here is a cute graphic they have to promote the holiday, it even features my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, I guess I made a good choice! YAY! XD

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