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Last weekend I went on my 6th annual camping trip with my two best friends. I used to go every Summer with my family starting at around 6 years old. Unfortunately we stopped once I was midway through high school (I went a few times after that with my aunt and uncle.) But once I graduated college my two best friends and I started our own tradition of going.

Sadly this year we got rained out. We got up there on Friday and went on a hike, had dinner and went to sleep. We were woken up by rain at 2 in the morning and the tent was leaking. NOOOO! It only rained for a couple hours but the next day/night was supposed to be very rainy so we decided to leave Saturday and finish our weekend at my house. Before leaving Vermont we had to go to Weston and my favorite store - The Vermont Country Store.

Even though the weekend didn't go exactly as planned we still had a great time! Here are some photos. And you are only seeing my hikinh outfit since it was rainy and I didn't want to take outfit pictures the rest of the time, ha ha! How do you like my fanny pack?

We made it to the overlook!
Off on our hike...wearing a super stylish fanny pack

Always need a handstand picture

Roasting marshmallows!
Packing up the car a day and a half early :(

Who doesn't love real maple syrup!?

View outside the restaurant
So so so good!
This past weekend I went on my 5th annual camping trip with my best friends in Vermont. We've been going every year since we graduated college. My family and I used to go to the same campground every year when I was younger so I decided to keep the tradition going on my own.  We always have a great time hiking, swimming in the river and going to my favorite place: The Vermont Country Store. Funnily enough, Amanda Seyfried was there TWO DAYS BEFORE ME. I was so mad, ha ha. are some photos from the trip!

(yes, the photos are only of me, but I want to keep my friend's privacy)

Here is my last camping outfit, and is not something you will normally see me in: workout clothes. I'm not one for going to the gym or working out, so I don't have much need for athletic wear. I don't even own sneakers! (I borrowed a friends for this outfit.) But, since I knew we would be going on some hikes during our trip, I decided to get some real workout clothes, this is when I discovered Fabletics! I saw a commercial where Kate Hudson was talking about the site and how you can get your first outfit for $25! A full outfit for $25? I'm in!  This look came with shorts, a top and a sports bra, but there are a bunch of combinations.

This shirt is AMAZING! We were hiking for quite a while (5 miles one day and a little under the second) and I knew I was getting, you know...sweaty, and you couldn't even tell with this shirt. It is so good at keeping you dry. And the shorts come with built-in underwear, but I am too self-conscious for that, so I wore other underwear too. (Never though I would say that word on this blog! Some things are meant to stay private, ha ha)

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just like the outfit!

I went with an animal theme for my camping outfits and only brought 2 bottoms to mix and match with my tops. You have to pack light while camping, not like anyone important is going to see you, right? We had to take a trip to my favorite store, The Vermont Country Store and a cute Christmas shop across the street. And as usual, I spent too much money! But how can I resist homemade fudge and maple syrup?!

Tee: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marshalls),  Shorts: rag & bone c/o Marshalls, Bag: Etienne Aigner (thrifted), Sunglasses: Cole Haan c/o Marshalls, Sandals: B.O.C. (Marshalls), Jeans: Target, Sweatshirt: American Eagle

Today I'm sharing some of my camping snaps. I always love leaving civilization behind for a few days to go camping. It allows you to think about things more and enjoy your friends company. Although, I will confess, we did have some phone time. But mostly to instagram s'mores and fires! Be prepared for a deluge of cute chipmunk pictures! 

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