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Monday was Memorial Day, so Summer has unofficially started! Sadly we still have a month before it officially starts. But now I think it's time to share some beautiful swimsuits by, who else, We Are Handsome.

I'm hopeful that this rainy weather is finally coming to an end (although there is rain in the forecast this week) so I've decided to round up some of my favorite swimsuits!  I don't really "need" any new ones, but I still desperately want a We Are Handsome one-piece...maybe if the one below goes a teeny bit more on sale. Let's start off with one-pieces!

We Are Handsome (on sale!),  Tory Burch, MINKPINK

Next up, bikini's of course!
Melissa Odabash, We Are Handsome (on sale!), Marc by Marc Jacobs top & Marc by Marc Jacobs bottom (on sale for $48; $24 each piece!)

And third, the mixes...monokinis, tankinis, vintage style, etc.
Rachel Comey, Old Navy, J.Crew rash guard and J.Crew bottoms

P.S. I confess: I bought the Marc Jacobs bikini! It was only $48 instead of $170 AND is purple AND is reversible, how could I resist?! (I had wanted another version of this suit last year, but it's sold out now.
Shopbop's Friends and Family Sale started yesterday! Now is the time to scoop up those pieces you've had your eye on! Use code WEAREFAMILY13 for 20% off! I've been good so far and just picked up a gray Madewell sweater for $32. BUT here are some other items I'm wishing for and have in my cart, we'll see if I pull the trigger on anything.  Remember to take 20% off the prices shown in the slideshow below!

UPDATE: Apparently Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang aren't included in the sale, sad!

Google will be discontinuing Google Reader on July 1st, so to continue getting all my blog updates (as well as your other favorites) import them to Bloglovin! They have instructions.
No this week in fashion this week because I only went into the office for 2 days (you'll see those outfits next week.) I did work Mon-Thurs but I worked from home on Monday and yesterday because of weather.  This week it seems I'm all about lusts and shopping.  Today let's discuss one of my favorite things: The Outnet Clearance Sale! It's been going on for a few days so a lot of pieces are gone, but there are still a lot of gems left! Here are some of the pieces I'd love to add to my closet but probably won't (either because of sizing options or price.)

Have you or will you buy anything from the sale? Hurry up, there's only 4 days left! (The brown printed dress is one I own, seen here and here)

Click to go to the product page!

I promise next week we'll be back to having outfit posts! It's been a weird two weeks.
I know, I know, I just posted some of my favorite pieces from net-a-porter, BUT their End of Season sale started yesterday morning and you guys know I've been waiting for it for MONTHS!  I got the email when I woke up yesterday and was so excited about making my purchase that I forgot to eat breakfast!  You guys are going to think I'm insane but I bought these two pieces (click the image go to to the product pages.)

For those of you that don't know how it works, the sale starts with reductions up to 50%, then after a few weeks they reduce the prices even more and then after a few more they reduce one more time! So you can either wait and hope what you want doesn't sell out, or buy it and not wear it until you know whether or not the price is reduced. It does take a bit of self control to not wear the item right when you get it, but it can save you a lot of money in the end.

My strategy, (and what I suggest you guys do if you can afford to) was to buy 2 things I REALLY wanted now and then wait for further reductions to buy more stuff I want. Then, if the things I already bought are reduced and still available in my size to buy them again and return the originals.
Good thing I didn't wait to buy the Burberry London dress because I bought!!!! It was a bit out of my budget, but I love it so much and I've wanted it for months. So I half hope it fits and I half don't because then I'll have to keep it!  I want the shoes to wear to my cousin's wedding in July, but I'm hoping they're more dark pink than red. If they are red red I'm going to return them because I already have red pumps.

And here are some other pieces I'm keeping an eye out for, as well as the pieces in this post! I put them in order from least expensive to most expensive for your convenience. (I only got through 20 pages of the clothes out of 82, so I may post some more pics on Facebook tomorrow rather than torturing you guys with another post...unless you want another full post!)  There are pieces in every price range so don't be afraid to check out the sale if you don't have a lot to spend! There are tons of pieces in the $18 to $100 range.
Have you bought anything in the sale?! Or will you?
Today I thought I would share with you some of my current lusts.  Many of these pieces are way out of my price range, and some I would never be able to wear, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over them.  I am TOTALLY in love with the black, high-waisted Balmain is perfection. What are your current lusts?

It's funny looking at how diverse all of these pieces are. But that's true to my style, I'm a little bit of everything. Girly, edgy, quirky, serious, fun, etc. What I wear really depends on what mood I'm in or what I'm doing, I always love to switch things up.  I hate when people think you have to stick to a certain style, that's not what fashion is about. I think fashion is about playing, taking risks and wearing what you want no matter what other people may think. I may be a super shy person who doesn't talk much, but I feel like when I get dressed it is how I express myself.

Click the images to visit the product pages.

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