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Hey guys! Just wanted to remind you that there are less than 24 hours to get this Zac Posen for Target Lipstick Tank top!  I bought it but it was too big on me, so I'm sadly selling it on eBay.  If you don't like using eBay you can make me an offer by email [webmiss[at]magical-menagerie[dot]com with the subject ZAC TANK TOP].  I will ship it anywhere so everyone is welcome to it!  It is a size XS and VERY CUTE! I'm so sad it didn't fit me right.
tank top
I was a bad girl and spent more money today!  I might return/sell one of them though.  So first, my friend and I went to Victoria's Secret because we had coupons for a $10 dress.  I got it in black because they only had my size in black and grey.

Next we stopped at Target and I tried on a piece from Zac Posen's collection and got it! I really want this dress, but it's far too expensive for me.  This was $16.99.  I'm not sure if I'm keeping it though because it's a little long; but I am excited that it's an XS, originally I tried a M (they only had 1 XS and 1 M left, no other sizes). What do you think; keep or sell on ebay?
Total: $27
11 days until the Zac Posen for Target collection is released in stores (April 25th)!!  There will be a 24 hour preview event on the 15th but sadly I can't get to NYC; plus that's the day of The Outnet's Birthday Sale.  Here are the looks; I'm going to try on the ones with a check. Not sure when I'll get to Target since I'm at school & don't have a car, probably early May. I probably won't be able to buy any of it because of the pricing.

Here is the info for the preview event:
Zac Posen for Target 24-Hour Shopping Party
When: 11pm on Thursday, April 15 through 11pm on Friday April 16
Where: 481 8th Avenue at 34th Street
Photos thanks to Fashionista.

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