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A new year, a fresh wardrobe update. I did pretty well last year thanks to a bunch of Shopbop gift cards through my partnership with them from the end of 2019 and the first couple months of 2020. That partnership was paused because of the virus and I don't know if/when it will come back but I do still have some gift cards to spend! Hopefully that means I won't be spending as much of my "real" money.


I wasn't planning on making any purchases this month but my blog friend of over 10 years, Jamie-Lee of Mademoiselle, finally launched her clothing line - mīere the label! It's a children's line but she also made a few sweaters for mom's to match their little ones! Obviously I had to buy one of the women's sweaters to 1. Support a friend and 2. Because they're going to be a perfect basic!


It won't arrive until next month, but I'll be sure to do a post to let you all know what I think! But with Jamie behind it I know it will be perfect. She is obsessed with finding perfect basics so I have no doubt in her ability to create her own line.


Then the next day I got an eBay notification that a pair of mules I've been following for over a year were discounted heavily down to $26 so I pounced (pun intended) on those bad boys! They're - new in box! - half tiger print and half cheetah print mules by Splendid. I had them on my Shopbop wishlist for a long time but they never got cheap enough for me to buy them (once they did my size was sold out.) 


THE (modified) RULES

  1. Be mindful of purchases 
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best




  1. *NEW!* mīere the label Women’s Cotton Knit Sweater in Terracotta ($68.87 including shipping)

  1. None yet



  1. *NEW!* Splendid Harvest Mules in Tiger/Cheetah Print - also here ($25.80 via eBay, retail $118, used ad money)


  1. None yet



  1. None yet



  1. None yet


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Spent in January: $68.87

Spent in 2020: $68.87

It's been a while since an outfit has been on the blog so I decided to bring back the Then to Now series to share how I've worn some of my pieces over the years! Even though I've been working from home for over 5 years I've found it very hard to get dressed this past year. Before the virus I at least got dressed on the weekends or to go out to blogger dinners during the week. 


These days I just want to stay in lounge-wear. When we do go out, it's just to drive to Target to get our "groceries" put in the trunk. We don't buy fresh product or meat right now because we stocked up on meat and froze it and Target doesn't have the best produce (I've gotten moldy onions and garlic when I tried - but they do have good sweet mini peppers!) We will run out of meat soon so maybe we'll actually go into a real grocery store to stock back up, ha ha. I DO get dressed to drive to Target because "what if I need to get out of the car for an emergency?" It's just not cute enough to make Christian take photos, ha ha. 

Maybe this lack of getting dressed for 12+ months due to coronavirus will reignite my love for all my clothes and later this year (/after the vaccine) will be my best fashion year yet! It's just been hard to make myself get dressed when I know I won't be going anywhere. 




Madewell Leather Pants

One of my favorite pairs of pants that sadly left my closet in 2016 after they ripped. I've still been hunting for a new pair but the ones I've found have been too much money. Maybe one day I'll find them for as good a price as when I originally bought them!



Stella McCartney 'Polar bear intarsia wool and alpaca-blend sweater' (The Outnet)

This is somewhat of a statement piece since it's an oversized sweater dress in a holiday/wintery print. Yet somehow I have managed to wear this Stella McCartney polar bear sweater many times! Sadly I don't have photos of me wearing it this year but it DID get worn over the holidays!


Madewell Houndstooth Patchwork Scarf

Accessories don't get too much love in these posts for some reason (I guess I like to focus on the main pieces)  but when I first bought this scarf it was my MVP! I wore it so often and it kept me nice and warm. 



Madewell Striped Sweater 

Sensing a Madewell theme here? I swear it was accidental! I was just picking some of my favorite pieces that I've had for years and this HAD to be included. I think I wore this at least once a week when I first owned it and I still would except it is starting to get worn to the threads so I'm trying to make it last and only wear it sparingly. I can never find this color combo on eBay but I'm still hunting for a replacement.





Ella Moss 'Nico Faux Fur Vest' 

I didn't get into vests until the early 2010's but they are such a great outfit completer. Wearing something you've worn before and want to switch it up? Throw on a vest! A little to cold for a thin sweater? Add a vest! 



Theyskens' Theory Juno Leather Jacket

This leather jacket remains one of my favorite designer steals. I bought it in 2012 at Nordstrom rack for $172, it retailed for $1100+. Another piece I wore to DEATH it's first few years so it doesn't get much wear now.


And a half-outfit picture honorable mention to this photo, haha:

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