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  Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
Decided to show all my outfits for this past week at work.  I'm trying not to repeat outfits but its hard since I don't have many items.  I might only have one week left since the project I'm helping with is done on the 30th.  I could keep working if they want me to help out on another project or love me enough to hire me.  If not, its time to hunt for another job! (ignore how dumb my face looks)

Dress: ASOS $17
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters - $14 (paid $0)
Shoes: Me Too - $15
Bag: chaps - $12

Skirt: Old Navy - $0
Top: Willi Smith - $14.99
Shoes: vanEli - $20 (mom paid)
Bag: axcess - $15

Jacket: Jones New York - $40
Tee: Threadless - $0
Jeans: American Eagle - $14.99
Shoes: Me Too - $15
Bag: axcess - $15

Dress: American Eagle - $14.99
Jacket: Millenium - $9.99
Shoes: Sonoma Life and Style - $15
Bag: chaps - $12

Pants: Hollister -$14
Tee: So - sister's
Shoes: Sam & Libby $12
Bag: Chaps - $12
This post was prepared on Friday since I have decided that Saturday I will attempt to stay off my computer ALL day, I haven't done that in a loooong time. But never fear, I will return all comments and comment on all the blog updates on bloglovin' too.  So that will probably be about 100+ comments to make.  But I love checking all your blogs so its fun!

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  1. Great office attire~all the colors and layers:) Love your hair in the 4th photo~so pretty!
    Have a great day sans technology:)

  2. Love, love that Old Navy skirt! :D

  3. You look cute girl! :D Loving the first and fourth outfit most of all :D


  4. you look chic in all of the outfit <3


  5. you looks great in all those outfits!
    i loove the first one!

  6. love these outfits! the first dress is gorgeous! :) In relation to your other post aswell; if your job hunting doesn't go as well as expected - try personal shopping! I think you should go for it tbh haha :)

  7. I love your cardis!! =)
    I know what you mean about commenting: Lately I haven't had much time, but I love reading other blogs and interacting with other bloggers. I just haven't had the time.

  8. The ASOS dress really suits you, and your hair looks very pretty in the last two pictures :)

  9. the black and white skirt looks cool...i wish i had the patience to do the same of posting a weeks outfits...good going!!!

  10. You are one thrifty shopper and you look good in all of them! I particularly like the first one, probably because it's the most like my style, hehe! I love dresses and cardigans!

  11. I love your first look! So cute and perfect for summer. Your skirt in the fourth look is amazing :)

    I hope the rest of your project goes well.

  12. You look so professionally chic and darling in all your outfits. I love your pastel pink Jones New York jacket. It looks parfait for spring, summer, fall, winter (basically all seasons, lol).


  13. you're such a thrifty shopper! i've learned to rely on good finds in thrift stores and generic stores such as target, kohl's, f21, etc to really get my outfits together!

  14. love your black flats! they're soo cute :)

  15. wow, I'm amazed at how you dress for so cheap! Impressive! It's one thing I have attempted to master for many years. You've got it down girl!

    stop by my blog anytime!

  16. the fourth outfit is my absolute favorite! lovely post!


  17. I love the second last outfit, the dress has such a nice pattern :)

    xox cathy.

  18. Great outfits !!
    I love all of them ! ! !

  19. Nice outfits ...all of them! :) My favorite is #3 though....because I love jeans. :)


  20. I love the American Eagle dress. Cute outfits.:)SarahD

  21. LOVEEEEEE the skirt!!! Why do I live in the land of Old Navylessness?????


    here's my blog if you wanna check it out and...hope you get hired!

  22. oops forgot to leave my url here it is


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