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I swear it was raining when I put on this outfit! But, happily for outfit pictures, the weather decided to clear up. Normally when it rains all I want to wear is big chunky sweaters and jeans. I changed things up this time and went with a bright striped sweaters and my fun printed wellies! Notice how the pink on the boots matches the sweater, I am sooooo cool! (not really...)

Sweater: Banana Republic, Jeans: Rag & Bone (Shopbop), Boots c/o Joules

This past Saturday another one of my cousins got married. This time I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids so this won't be a regular wedding guest look. The wedding was beach themed so we wore blue dresses. Everyone wore the same style dress and it flattered all our bodies (two of the other girls were pregnant!) I wore a pair of silver sandals which I forgot to take photos of as well as some jewelry that was handed down to be from both my Grandmothers. The ring and earrings were my paternal grandmother who passed away in 2001 and the necklace is from my maternal grandmother who was at the wedding.

Shoes: New Look

Can you see the fear in my eyes in this picture? I HATE being in front of people so I was super nervous even though no one really cares about the bridesmaids, haha.

This dress is one of my favorite buys from Roundabout but I think it's only been on the blog once or twice! For shame! The story of how this dress entered my closet is quite long. Here's the readers digest version: June 2011 it is featured in a Closet-Worthy post. In May 2014 I spotted the dress in one of Roundabout's New York locations but left it since it was still $500. In August of 2014 the dress made it's way to my local Roundabout in Wesport and was part of their Summer blowout sale so I spent $136 on a dress that retailed for $1,995. And it was brand new with tags. SCORE!

I wore this for the first of our two Easter celebrations. My family splits the holiday so we aren't rushing to two houses in one day. I wore this to celebrate with my dad's side of the family.

Dress: Jason Wu 'Okal Print Dress' (Roundabout), Sandals: Prada (The Real Real), Necklace: Marrin Costello

I still remember the day I wore this outfit. It was from when I used to work in New York City and two work friends and I went to a shopping event at a Madewell store. I didn't buy anything, but we did get some tasty froyo! I wore this for a less exciting occasion - to the bank to order some Euros for my upcoming trip to Italy. (WOO!)

Sweater: Madewell (Shopbop), Jeans: Target, Heels: Dolce & Gabbana (Uptown Consignment), Jacket: Theyskens' Theory (Nordstrom Rack)

The Original:

Almost every year since I got this dress I've found myself wearing it on Easter. It's the perfect piece to celebrate the day and Spring. This Easter felt like Summer with temperatures in the 80s! We actually had to turn on the air conditioning at my Grandmother's and couldn't sit outside for too long because of the heat.

Dress: Jason Wu for Target, Heels: Simply Vera Wang c/o Kohl's, Necklace: Francesca's

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