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Review: HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

  Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 9:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 

A couple weeks ago, Misikko asked if I would like to review one of their Blow Dryers. I got to try out the Hana HANAair Professional Hair Dryer; but they also carry other items such as a CHI Hair Dryer or Straightener. I'm not usually one to blow dry my hair because 1. It takes FOREVER because I have a LOT of hair and 2. My hair is always really frizzy for some reason when I do it. So normally I let my hair dry on its own.  But when Misikko asked me to do a review I figured I would try it out, it is a "Professional Hair Dryer" after-all, what was there to lose.  So here is a lovely progression of me blow drying my hair...excuse my used to be my little brothers and it is my pj top ;)

1. Brushing out the millions of knots

2. Begin blow drying...

3. Blow dry some more!

4. And we're done!

My hair came out SO soft and shiny and it wasn't frizzy like it usually is when I use a blow dryer. But the best part was it only took me 15 minutes, probably less because I was taking pictures!! You do not understand how fast that is for me, usually it takes much longer!  This blow dryer comes with an awesome directional concentrator so I could blow dry my hair better in sections. [I didn't get a picture of that though, but it is in the product photo at the top]. And you can blow dry your hair with cool or warm air, I chose warm because my house is freezing.  I also used the HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant which is great because it isn't slimy when you use it and it protects your hair from the heat of blow drying (or straightening, but I don't straighten my hair).

In short, this blow dryer is a keeper! I totally recommend it. I am definitely going to be blow drying my hair more often!

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  1. Ooh, I so want that! Love the photos - ha ha.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. ur hair does look very nice indeed!!


  3. How fun! I always wondered if a high quality blow dryer really did a better job.

  4. When my T3 evolution hairdryer craps out this is what I am getting next!

  5. amazing - thanks for the tip. that will be my next try. I use a blower almost every single day.

  6. Any hair dryer that doesn't require the use of a flatiron afterwards is a total keeper!

  7. Good results. Love the way it turned out.

  8. This blow dryer sounds amazing! And I love the picture of you with your hair windblown from the dryer. Total supermodel. :)


  9. i have the same problems with my hair! it takes a good 30 mins plus to dry it and i am amazed by this hairdryer! and your hair looks gorgeous :) i'll have to try it out xo

    ps loved your last post!! you should definitely do more like it xo

  10. Yeah, it's a good blow dryer, I can finally stop going to bed with a wet head...

  11. Lovely blog, and the hairdryer looks awesome I'm on the look for one so found this helpful!

  12. Interesting, I have really thick hair too so anything that cuts down on styling time is great.

  13. Wow I wonder if it'll work on my hair! Great review! Thanks for sharing!



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