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{featured} Lady G's Closet

  Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
Let's talk about consigning.  Don't know what it is? Well Tiffany of Lady G's Closet (short for Lady Gryffindor, which makes me a fan right away) is here to explain the process!  Lady G's Closet is an online consignment shop run out of New York City. Consigning is a great way to recycle clothes you no longer want or need, someone else gets to enjoy it and you get space in your closet for more fashionable clothes (maybe even something from Lady G's!) Make sure to check them out at!

For those who have never done it, how does consigning work? Consignment is loosely defined as a consigner (a person looking to sell an item), signing a contract with a consignee (a person or business), to put the item up for sale for a fee. Traditionally, this was done in brick and mortar stores. The items would have exposure limited to the people that walked into the store or business. However, many of these traditional consignment shops have started increasing their reach online. What makes Lady G's Closet different is that we are completely online. There isn't a storefront that we work out of. Our reach is unlimited because we only exist online. Our items are purchased by shoppers worldwide. When someone is interested in consigning with us, we give them 2 options. If they are in the NYC area, we offer to come and pick the items up from you. However, if this is not an option, we can arrange virtual ways of doing the initial analysis and then send shipping labels to you so that the items can be on their way to us. Within 7-10 days your items can be listed and available for you to view and track. After the items get sold, a check will be in the mail on it's way to you and that's it!

What do you look for in the items you consign? When looking at potential items for consignment, I look for those that bring instant excitement and a feeling of joy. I have to see that the item was well respected in return for the joy it gave its previous owner.  I love coming across a rare, wonderful, piece that can easily grab the attention of potential buyers. But don't get me wrong, this does not necessarily mean that the item must be very expensive. I try to appeal to shoppers like myself that love mixing both high-end items with great lower price fashionable items. In short, I look for great high quality fashionable items that for the everyday diva.

Today I thought I would show you how you can use items from her store and make a totally fashionable outfit!  You can see all the items available by going to their website. I chose a Badgley Mischka dress and Uniqlo cardigan!
Dress: Badgley Mischka via Lady G's Closet $325
Cardigan: Uniqlo via Lady G's Closet $19.99
Heels: ASOS $39.99
Watch: ASOS $39.99
Necklace: Orelia $21.81

Finally, I also asked why she started her business and she says, "I have always loved shopping. It was always less of a planned event and more of an everyday search. However, with limited closet space (and a limited budget), I would have to periodically give my items away or sell a couple online in preparation for the new items of the season. After some not-so-great life events, I realized that I might have to get rid of a lot more than I could have imagined for financial reasons. (Without the sob story, this included a brand new designer wedding dress among other things.) When my friends started hearing about my venture, they asked me to help them get rid of some clothing and shoes for them too. They usually would either give things away or hold onto them with the intention of selling them but never got around to it. It was then that a light bulb went off in my head and I decided right then that I would start my own business...the rest is history as they say."

About Closet Fashionista

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You can also find her on the web at her Harry Potter and Matthew Lewis fan sites.


  1. I love the look you put together! xo, Christina

  2. I've going to check out that sight - they seem to have really great items and I'm a fan of the consignment process.

    Courtney ~

  3. What a great post!! I have a tough time getting rid of my clothes for whatever reason...I might need it later if I gain weight, I might use it later when I lose more weight?? Kind of silly I know... I do like going to consignment stores though because it's a great way to get some higher end pieces at a reasonable and affordable price...damn, now I want to go shopping!! Thanks Meg! lol


  4. I LOVE this post. I love how she describes what she looks for when picking items, and that her heart is definitely in it! Off to check out her site :)


  5. love the heels here!!.......

  6. Thanks everyone!! Please do check us out!! Looking forward to hearing from some of you fab ladies!!

  7. Ooh definitely going to check out her site!

  8. she certainly has some cute stuff in her shop!

  9. I have so many things I want to consign, but I never do because I hate going through the process of bringing in my things and having them picked over and judged and being told they aren't good enough. It's very unnerving.

    1. Hi LyddieGal

      I hope you don't find me replying to you directly too forward, but I had experienced this as well particularly in the huffy puffy brick and mortar shops in NYC. That's another little reason that led me to going about this all myself. We are real and not at all judgmental... I promise. Life is too short to treat others badly is my personal motto. So if you are really interested don't hesitate to contact us. Check the website we are having a special now. Take care...Tiffany aka Lady G

  10. It is a nice combination the various orange shades and the whitish blazer. Very feminine.


  11. Love that dress xx

  12. love dress!!!

    kisses from Spain

  13. I've always loved consignment stores, especially when they are well curated. its awesome she moved to an online platform :)

    <3 zoe


  14. That looks like a nice combo!

  15. LOVE the coral dress - so CUTE


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