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{photos} Candidly

  Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 
Since I didn't share my Christmas outfits with you, I thought I would post some candid photos from my holiday break. As you can see I'm a child and like to make weird faces... There were some more amusing shots but they included family members and I like to keep them off the blog as much as possible. ;)

My mom is always snapping photos at family events (I do too sometimes) so we have a way to remember.  She makes beautiful scrapbooks as well. I used to make them, but now I just put photos in a regular album and keep them on an external hard drive. Does your family take lots of photos?

First two photos: Marc Jacobs polka dot blazer, H&M Tee, Genetic Denim jeans c/o Piperlime
Third Photo: thrifted blazer, Willi Smith tank top, Free People jeans
The Rest: T. Babaton sweater c/o Aritzia, Free People jeans

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  1. I love that bow headdress...and what an awesome shot of that deer!

    Courtney ~

  2. OMG this BAMBI is so cute!!!!
    I really love it!!!
    Great pictures!
    You really have a great blog!!!

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know dear!

  3. Bonjour!!
    j adore ce pull)
    Angela Donava

  4. Oh I am loving all these snaps! My mom does the same thing. It's funny to come home and see all the photo albums with completely random photos, but it makes me feel like I'm reliving the moment :)


  5. aww, a reindeer visited you for christmas! glad you had a happy holiday!

  6. The deer is so cute!! It looks like it liked you :) I know what you mean about family members... I keep my family of the blog as well!


  7. These photos are too sweet! Love that cute deer!

  8. Cute photos! And ohmygosh how cute is that deer?!

  9. You are just beautiful! That one of you holding the shoes book is to die for, best smile!!

  10. My mom does the same thing and sometimes I have to tell her she's not allowed to post a photo or two of me (lol). These are really cute and OMG you saw a deer! Is that normal?

  11. Cute post <3 xoxo That deer is huge!

    Hillary @
    Like me on Facebook!

  12. Cute shots! would you like to follow eachother? xx

  13. That's so nice that mum takes lots of photos. My mum does that too but it annoys me, but on the other had - it's a great way to remember!! I love that Babaton sweater!

  14. It's nice to have someone snapping photos so you can remember events (even if it's a bit annoying at the time) - I am horrible at remembering to take photos but luckily my husband always does! I love the MJ blazer and what a priceless expression on that deer!


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