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{outfits} This Week in Fashion

  Friday, March 29, 2013 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
Breaking news: I didn't wear a coat 3 days this week! That's's getting warmer!  I was able to sneak by without a coat from Tues-Thurs by wearing an extra sweater for my walk and then talking it off at the office (Wednesday I didn't even need that.)  Hopefully it stays nice for my long weekend, I have today off and I'm taking Monday off to get some rest.  It's also Easter this Sunday, so I'll be with my Mom's side of the family.  But I see them almost every Sunday anyway so that's not really a big deal.

On Wednesday I went to a Madewell Shop into Spring event with some friends from work. Unfortunately I didn't buy anything. But I had good reason - I bought a new Macbook Pro on Tuesday! Woo! I got a refurbished 17in (because they don't make it anymore and I love the bigger screen) because my current Mac is getting old and slow (I also need more space, it only has 150GB of space, my new one will have 750.) I've been putting it off for far too long and I figured now was the time because who knows when they will run out of refurbished 17 inch models.  I can't wait for it to arrive, I love shiny new objects. ;)

UPDATE: Many of us in the Potter world (and general movie/tv/theatre lovers) learned this morning that Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon in Harry Potter) has passed away.  He was an amazing actor and will be missed. RIP Richard Griffiths.

Monday: Top: Oasis c/o AndOtherBrands, Vest: French Connection (Marshalls), Jeans: Rag & Bone (Shopbop), Flats: Chaps (Kohls)  Watch: Skagen (Rue La La)
Tuesday: Blazer: Good Will, Sweater: T.Babaton c/o Aritzia, Jeans: Jolt (Marshalls), Heels: Miu Miu (eBay), Sunglasses: Michael Kors (Marshalls), Watch: Skagen (Rue La La), Big Bracelet: Ten Thousand Villages, Small Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Wednesday: Sweater: Madewell (Shopbop), Jeans: Target, Heels: Dolce & Gabbana (Uptown Consignment), Jacket: Theyskens' Theory (Nordstrom Rack) Watch: Skagen (Rue La La)
Thursday: Dress: Jessica Simpson c/o Marshalls, Blazer: Vintage PBM Women's (Coco's),  Boots: Vintage (eBay), Watch: Skagen (Rue La La)

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Loves to get bargains on clothes and is obsessed with Harry Potter and Disney. By day she is a freelance graphic and web designer. She also has a slight obsession with movies.

You can also find her on the web at her Harry Potter and Matthew Lewis fan sites.


  1. Congrats on the new MacBook! Mine is on its last leg and REALLY needs to be replaced. I'm having a hard time parting with the money though!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. I've always wanted a pair of printed pants! Love your looks!


  3. That's exciting that you got a new computer - I really need to invest in one but I treated myself to a new ipad a few months ago so I feel bad about buying a computer now...ha ha ha.

    Courtney ~

  4. very cute outfits! I'm still having to wear a coat, but I'm so excited for spring!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  5. I'm so jealous. I want a MAC Pro too, but we already have a MAC. I'm settling for my HP right now. But then again, I'm not a graphic designer like you. Let me know how the MAC works.

  6. Oh yeah, super cool outfits. Forgot to comment on the outfits (lol)

  7. Oo, nice outfits. Have a great day.

  8. Oh, I love the green with the grey blazer and the black pants, so chic girl!! If you have a minute, please visit my blog & vote for me in the Wallis fashion blogger contest.:) I'd really appreciate it!

  9. You look stunning doll! Great outfits

  10. I love Tuesday's outfit, Such a great blazer! :)

  11. Love this look on you. You look amazing. If you get a sec, check out my latest post.

    Happy Easter

  12. haha love this. cool post

  13. wednesday is fabulous - you styled those printed pants perfectly!
    Chic on the Cheap

  14. I really like your thursday outfit!


  15. love that sleek grey blazer... it's awesome. I also am loving those blue pants!!! They look so great on you!

    Lady à la Mode


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